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Heal from Stress

Beat the stress with our ‘Source level relaxation’ for true healing and fountain of youthfulness

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Build harmonious relationships

Clear your emotional blues & blockages to build robust relationships

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Discover Your Potential

Pursue your passion and purpose by opening up all channels of pure energy

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Reveal your higher Self

Awaken to your highest self to experience optimal wellness, peak potential and realize your passion and purpose

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Youth Empowerment

Beat peer pressure, build self-esteem and unlock your potential

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Conscious Leadership

Building leaders of Authenticity, Integrity, Responsibility and Enrichment

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Projects and Presentations of Dr.Suman Kollipara:

Conferences and Papers  United Nations – World Health Organization Headquarters, Geneva. – 2018                                                 Presented session at the WHO in Geneva addressing the Nations and Delegates telecasted live across the globe on ‘Wellness from Within’ with special emphasis on Mental Illness and NCDs (Non Communicable Diseases) focusing on preventative and curative strategies using ancient wisdom healing tools of Meditation. Presented session to the Leadership team at the WHO on ‘Conscious …

Work of Sunita Amma

World Health Organization – United Nations – Geneva Surrey Correction Center and Prison – Convicts Transformation – 1 Yr Project …

How to overcome Bad Habits

In our life without realizing we start to get into many habits. By the time we are into teenage, all …