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Consultation with Sunita Amma

1 hr Video consultation with Ancient Sage Sunita Amma could change your life. A rare opportunity to be in the presence of an ancient sage who is an embodiment of pure healing vibrations. This 1hr session can:

  • Unravel insights about yourself
  • Reveal your hidden potential
  • Open up channels of creativity
  • Destroy the delusion of emotional baggage
  • Empower you to be on the top of your game

CBS Los Angeles Interview

CBS Los Angeles Interviews Dr.Suman about Sookshma ancient healing program and ‘Ancient Sage for Silicon Age’ book. The Power of Sookshma healing lies in the ability to dive into the subtlest of the subtle microcosm and realize your true nature which is Infinite Pure Energy. This leads to You becoming bigger than any problem/challenge that you face in your life. You are the Master of your Destiny. Release that Energy now and Drive your passion to realize your Purpose,

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