Conscious Leadership – Building Authentic Leaders and Organizations

Do you feel that you are stuck in the self-destructive patterns of decision-making and self-centered behaviors in your organization?

We have a practical, repeatable, scientific approach to empower you and your organization to build momentum with Conscious Leadership.

In your organization, are you currently unable to?

  • Guide change
  • Inspire your team
  • Maximize productivity
  • Create clarity in road map
  • Be authentic and fearless
  • Build momentum in teams
  • Bring everyone on board

If you want to be a relentless transformer, a change agent, a true leader, a warrior of wisdom, then this is the program for you.

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Conscious Leadership at World Health Organization

Wheel of Conscious Leadership

Leadership is not a bunch of techniques and philosophies. It cannot be learnt from reading a book or an article. It is a unique journey into the heart of your purpose and passion.

Our experiential program will melt the masks of fake and frail conditioned personas to reveal your authentic self.

It is about your Momentum to the Leader within and translate that to action for a purpose greater than Self.

Our Wheel of Leadership is not just about Silent contemplation and reflection, but to translate the deep insights & inspiration from within to clear, precise, consistent, courageous actions for creating tangible impact in your environment, which includes yourself, your family, your work place and the society in general.

Are you ready to leave your footprint and legacy as an Inclusive Leader?

Our Hands on, deep dive program will assist you with this.

The Experiential Program!

We recommend our effortless, guaranteed, result-oriented program.

Our Leadership program will not only challenge your intellect, dispel the delusion of your emotions, but connect your Authentic Self. It’s unlike any Leadership program out there.

Our program is more than theory, science, philosophy, techniques and a feel good session. You can never fit into someone else’s shoes of leadership style. You are born with your unique style.

We will help you mold yourself to help you realize your unique footprint so that you leave a legacy. It is a journey of deep dive into your Authentic True Self.

You will become free from the traps of conditioned thoughts and masks to execute your ideas into invincible action.

Are you ready to revealthe authentic leader within?

Conscious Leadership at KPMG

Steps to Conscious Leadership

You will build solid foundation on the most important qualities as a Leader.


You will surpass the false egoand start to come from a place of genuine self, yet not combative & argumentative, but from the true self beyond the emotional entanglements and self-centered outlook. You will become an embodiment of stillness, awareness, empathy, compassion, forgiveness, resilience


You will become an icon of integrity with strong moral compass, which helps to stand up for the values and ethics.You will walk the talk going beyond the unconscious actions and fear based outcomes.


You will start taking charge of your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing which translates to responsibility of others with compassionate action; a measure of self-discipline and will power. You will learn from past mistakes and build growth mindset based on self-reflection and self-regulation.


You will enrich relationship with yourself, which translates to enrichment of relationships with people through inspiration and empathy. You will become the change you want to see in the world andyour presence will become an instrument of influence in your environment.

Outcomes of Conscious Leadership


You will go beyond the preconceived judgements, opinions, filters that we store in our subconscious mind. Tuning into your authentic true self will lead to making better, creative and constructive decisions.


You will take time each day to care for the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing to create an iconic version of you.Self-Compassion leads to honoring and respecting the Self. This Self-responsibility leads to Self Confidence.


You will become honest with yourself by questioning your assumptions. This helps you to take a clear moral stand on values. When you put your beliefs to test of fire of authenticity, they result in refined value system leading to unwavering conviction propelling into action.


You will become a mountain of courage from fearless empathy. It translates to compassionate actions for a cause greater than the selfish means. You will have a fierce resolve to transform the self and others around. You will know the difference between silence and action and use them effectively as the situations demand.
  • Subtle Exercises to open channels of energy.
  • Simple Breathing Exercises to clear mental blockages.
  • Effortless Ancient Healing Meditation to realize your authentic self.
  • Allow Pure Vibrations of energy to push your limits.
Immediate outcomes:
  • Higher physical energy levels
  • Crystal clear clarity of Mind
  • Laser Focus& Productive
  • Conscious of thoughts and actions

This program will reveal your authentic leaderbehind the masks of conditioned and biased opinions.

Are you ready to become an indomitable force to lead yourself and the organization?

This program teaches you how!
Join two world-class teachers, Ancient Sage Sunita and Dr.Suman, and let them take you on a subtle yet powerful journey to Conscious Leadership!

Conscious leadership session at the World Health Organization, Geneva

How you will Benefit

Empowers Warrior and Wizard in You

Balance Action and Inaction, Silence and Strategy. Build muscle of Self Awareness & Self-Regulation

Awakens Fearless Being

Awaken your true essence that can’t be subdued by any elements of nature. Your very presence empowers all.

Portal to your Authentic Self

Gain insights, information and inspiration to assist you in your journey beyond doubts, fears and biased filters.

Rewires your Neural networks

Rewire your brain to experience deep states of consciousness for heightened creativity and effortless manifestation of your vision

Build Resilience & Growth mindset

Bounce back quickly from disappointmentsviewing them as a temporary setback. See an opportunity in every challenge.

Unity in Diversity for Oneness
Align the entire organization from top to bottom, left to right, to create ‘One’ organization that builds a wheel of momentum working in unison.

Get all these benefits from ‘One’ program


Here are a few organization who benefitted from our program:
World Health Organization – United Nations – Geneva
City of Burnaby
Pacific Gas and Electric – San Francisco
EIS Technologies – Atlanta
NatuOilInc in Port Coquitlam
Burnaby Firefighters
Vancouver General Hospital
BCIT, Gwinnett Tech

Langara College
Royal Colombian Hospital
UCSF Medical Center – San Francisco
BC Support Unit – Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Avia-Work BC Employment Services, Coquitlam
Secretariat & Government of Andhra Pradesh, India
National Institute of Yoga, New Delhi, India
SVYASA University, Bangalore, India

Each program that we offer will transform your outlook, deepen your experience and ignite your infinite potential as a Leader.

Corporate Leadership Transformation Programs : We have done many types of these programs as part of their lunch and learn, annual retreats, immersive 1 day to 3 day programs. We can work with you to cater to your organizational needs. Whether it is a 1 person, or 1000 people in your organization, we empower all.

Tailor made Individual programs:We have worked with individuals who are experienced Global leaders, budding leaders as well as prospective leaders of the world to enhance and deepen their experience of Conscious Leadership. We can do this program online as well as in person. We usually recommend 8-session program for individuals who are deeply committed to empowering the Leadership.

Get your organizations rolling on the Wheel of Conscious Leadership Now!

Your Mentors

Master Sunita

  • Transformational Agent.
  • Nurtured Leaders across the globe
  • Lives Compassion in Action
  • Pioneered one of a kind Leadership program.
  • Champion of Overall Wellbeing.
  • Rare combination of Science & Wisdom.
  • Cuts through ambiguity.
  • Empowers all layers of organization.
  • Ignites Human potential & purpose.
  • Navigates change in complex environments.

Dr. Suman Kollipara

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  • Destroy the delusion of emotional baggage
  • Empower you to be on the top of your game