Sookshma Healing Meditation – 4 hours with Sunita Amma and Dr. Suman (Recorded Sessions)


If you currently experience stress, exhaustion, dysfunctional relationships at work and home, unable to realize your potential, then our 4 session RECORDED program is for you!

For the first time ever, Sunita Amma conducted the online Sookshma Healing Meditations and you have full access to these recorded sessions.

The RECORDED sessions are facilitated by Dr. Suman Kollipara with deep dive into each of the below topics in the sessions. With an ancient sage’s pure vibrations working through you and a modern science expert’s laser-like clarity, you are guaranteed to be a witness to the shifts at your physical, mental and emotional level.

Your commitment: 4 hrs, 1hr per session.

  • Session 1:  Introduction to Sookshma Healing – Know simple ways to connect with you
  • Session 2: Heal from Stress and related Illness – Learn healing techniques to beat the stress and become a better You
  • Session 3: Enhance your Relationships – Transform the relationships around you by connecting with You
  • Session 4: Ignite your Inner Potential – Awaken the Infinite potential and channel the energy to your goals

Each session is filled with science and wisdom to help you get to the root of your current challenges and subtle ways to shift that experience and enable inner transformation.

Our program has the power to make a lasting and positive impact on You. Whether you are motivated to get into better physical shape, enhance relationships or ignite the inner potential to achieve success, this will help you to reach your goals without too much time commitment.

You will have access to all the 4 RECORDED sessions for lifetime. Each session focuses on a specific challenge and provides practical solutions to mold yourself to a better version and create the life you wanted.