Reveal your Higher Self & Transform your life

We all face countless challenges in life, whether physical, mental or emotional, but now there is an easy, ONE-STOP SOLUTION for many of them.

Are some of these problems what you currently experience?

  • Feeling stuck? Repeating situations with the same outcome?
  • Stressed from work and family?
  • Trapped in a dysfunctional relationship?
  • Feeling exhausted, trapped in the rat race?
  • Burnout at work? Negative professional relationships?
  • Stuck in your career? Your passion or purpose move away from you?
  • Embarked on a spiritual journey, but with no end in sight?

Heal yourself through our Experiential Program now!


The answer lies within yourself!

Our straightforward solution: Revealing your Higher Self by fixing emotions, removing stress and increasing energy levels, both mental and physical.

So why can’t you meet your Higher Self? It’s because you have not taken the time to tune into its frequency.

Lower frequencies mean being stuck in emotions, distracting thoughts, stress from within and around.

The solution may have been elusive so far, or you did not know where to start. Not anymore!
How can you do this? With a hands-on, easy to understand, Experiential Program.

The Experiential Program!

We recommend our effortless, guaranteed, result-oriented program.

Experience wisdom and self-empowerment will be revealed to you from within in a matter of a few hours.

This is an experiential program in which you’ll become a witness of your results first hand.

  • Subtle Exercises to open up the channels of energy.
  • Simple Breathing Exercises to clear emotional clutters.
  • Effortless Ancient Healing Meditation to Clean the Mind.
  • Allow Pure Vibrations of energy to work on revealing your Higher Self
Immediate outcomes:
  • Higher physical energy levels, emotionally stable
  • Mentally focused, creative, presentSimple Breathing Exercises to clear emotional clutters.

We all possess the ability to inspire and innovate in order to become the best version of ourselves. This program teaches you how!

Join two world-class teachers, Ancient Sage Sunita and Dr.Suman, and let them take you on a subtle yet powerful journey to Reveal your Higher Self!

Master Sunita & Dr.Suman Kollipara presenting at the World Health Organization, Geneva

How you will Benefit


Shift from fight or flight stress response to rest & digest relaxation state to begin each day with new energy


Tap into Infinite fountain of youthfulness beyond chronological age for vigor & vitality in life


Stay connected to your true purpose and share it with
the world


Liberate from dysfunctional relationships & subconscious emotional patterns & past trauma


Open various energy channels & connect with Source of Energy within to unravel your passion


Reveal the wizard and warrior within by using your Mind and Body as tools for achieving your goals

Get all these benefits from ‘One’ program


Your Mentors

Master Sunita

  • Transformational Agent.
  • Nurtured thousands across the globe.
  • Lives Compassion in Action.
  • Pioneered one of a kind Healing program.
  • Champion of Overall Wellbeing.
  • Rare combination of Science & Wisdom.
  • Cuts through ambiguity.
  • Empowers all age groups.
  • Ignites Human potential & purpose.
  • Navigates change in complex environments.

Dr. Suman Kollipara

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8 Steps to Enlightenment


Book a Consultation with Sunita Amma

1 hr Video consultation with Ancient Sage Sunita Amma could change your life. A rare opportunity to be in the presence of an ancient sage who is an embodiment of pure healing vibrations. This 1hr session can:

  • Unravel insights about yourself
  • Reveal your hidden potential
  • Open up channels of creativity
  • Destroy the delusion of emotional baggage
  • Empower you to be on the top of your game