Become Emotionally Intelligent - Build Harmonious relationships

Are you suffering from emotional blues, and a roller coaster ride in your relationships?

Are your relationships causing?

  • Severe tension
  • Deadlock
  • Suffocation
  • vacuum
  • Loneliness
  • Misunderstanding
  • Communication issues
  • Exhaustion and tiredness

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Bad relationships

You have been looking at the wrong place

When you do not have time to have a relationship with your own self, how can you truly have a perfect relationship with others?

Did you ever love yourself, care for yourself, and appreciate yourself?

Have you ever bothered about catering to your needs by yourself?

Did you given time to care for your precious resources, your Mind and Body?

Have you ever understood strengths and weaknesses in your personality?

Have you ever felt complete with your Own Self?

If you have not done any of the above then,

Working on the Self is the Solution

Our straightforward solution: When you build an honest relationship with yourself, you will naturally be able to blossom any relationship in your life.

When you feel complete, you will not wait for someone else to validate you. You will take decisive steps and actions that make your True Self prosper

No external force can stop you in realizing your passion and purpose.

We live in an illusion that there is someone out there who will make us happy, who will make you the Prince or Princess of his or her life. This external dependency and validation is what fails most of the relationships.

The first step is to build a robust relationship with your True Self.

Are you ready to put in some work into blossoming relationships?
Would you like to go deeper into building extraordinary and enriching relationships with yourself and everyone around?

How can you do this? With a hands-on, easy to understand, Experiential Program

Master Sunita speaks on the dynamics of emotions and relationships

The Experiential Program!

We recommend our effortless, guaranteed, result-oriented program.

Our Self-empowerment program willmelt away theemotional baggage, mood outburstsand past traumain you in a matter of a few hours.

Our program empowers you so that you can empower everyone in your relationships. You will learn to orchestrate the relationships in your life and create a harmonic musical symphony.

You will be able to navigate through all types of emotions easily and effortlessly.You become the Conductor of Orchestra of relationships.

We have healed many who were on the verge of complete breakdown.
You will become intelligent and smart with your Emotions.
Are you ready for a complete Detox of your Emotionsand experience, grounded, centered andunwavering bliss and joy no matter what?

Actress Azra - Sookshma Healing Meditation feels like Rebirth and is Effortless

  • Subtle Exercises to release exhaustion.
  • Simple Breathing Exercises to clear emotionaltoxins
  • Effortless Ancient Healing Meditation to heal trauma.
  • Allow Pure Vibrations of energy to blossom your smiling self.
Immediate outcomes:
  • Higher physical energy levels
  • Emotionally intelligent
  • Balanced moods
  • Grounded & centered with emotions

This program builds the best version of you. You will feel complete and fall in love with yourself. You will not wait for someone else to validate you.

You will create an inner paradise of love for harmonious relationships with others.
This program teaches you how!

How you will Benefit


Shift from fight or flight stress response to rest & digest relaxation state to begin each day with new energy


Tap into Infinite fountain of youthfulness beyond chronological age for vigor & vitality in life


Decimate the root cause of illness by cleansing the toxins to heal from metabolic & autoimmune illness


Shift from fight or flight stress response to rest & digest relaxation state to begin each day with new energy


Tap into Infinite fountain of youthfulness beyond chronological age for vigor & vitality in life


Stay connected to your true purpose and share it with
the world

Get all these benefits from ‘One’ program


Your Mentors

Master Sunita

  • Transformational Agent.
  • Nurtured thousands across the globe.
  • Lives Compassion in Action.
  • Pioneered one of a kind Healing program.
  • Champion of Overall Wellbeing.
  • Rare combination of Science & Wisdom.
  • Cuts through ambiguity.
  • Empowers all age groups.
  • Ignites Human potential & purpose.
  • Navigates change in complex environments.

Dr. Suman Kollipara

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