To Be Free – Experience TrueFreedom Health, Happiness and Harmony

To Be Free - Experience True Freedom
Health, Happiness and Harmony

We come into this world prisoned in mother’s womb for nine months. After that our quest for freedom makes us crawl, walk and run. But yet, our Freedom only gets delusional as we trap ourselves in various identifies that we create in our lives. We are quickly tagged with a name, and that is our first sense of identity. Later we identify with our physical body and the emotions that we experience and build the walls of delusion. That’s it.
We are trapped.

Do you want to experience True Freedom?

Are you stuck in the Matrix?

Here are a few identities that continue to multiply as we grow up because of the conditioning in the name of culture, gender, education, job and so on. We start to get stuck the identities like these.
“I am Suman”, “I am John”, “I am Sam”, and so on.
“I am Happy”, “I am Sad”, “I am anxious”, “I am depressed” and so on.
“I am a Doctor”, “I am an Actor”, “I am an Artist”, “I am a Driver” and so on.
“I am a Father”. “I am a Daughter”, “I am a Mother”, “I am a Sister” and so on.
We start to build these walls of identity around us and start to get entangled in the matrix. With these false identities we feel suffocated and frustrated as the True freedom becomes completely evasive

Do you want to navigate the Matrix effortlessly while experiencing True Freedom?

What are your Inner Prisons?

The prisons of entanglements become breeding ground of Fear which leads to the birth of parasites in form of Vices like Anger, Lust, Greed, Delusional attachment, False Ego and Jealousy. We try to escape from these inner prisons by trying to change jobs, partners, places
and people. We hop from relationship to relationship, job to another job, but never able to find the long lasting freedom, because of our ignorance and inability to identify the root cause. In this process we succumb to mental, emotional and physical illness as well.

Are you stuck in the vicious cycle of trying different methods for breaking from the inner prisons. Do you want to break free from the Vices that keep you imprisoned?

Are you ready to break free?

The source of all the drama of life caused by emotional emtanglements of the self and of the others is the untrained Mind. Our Mind has the capacity to imprison us or liberate us into freedom. When the Mind is cleansed and purified from the false identities we will experience the freedom of our true self. The solution to finding true freedom is as simple as identifying with your true self by dispelling the delusion of False Ego. Freedom is to break free from the entanglements caused by delusional emotions and cluttered thoughts. This Course will help you to break the barriers of the thought process and emotional conditioning. Are you ready to embace the wings of freedom so that you expand your reach to the horizons that you have always wanted to reach.

Course Content:

Here are a few things that you will learn and experience in this course:
1. Realize True Freedom
2. Who am I
3. True Meditation and Freedom
4. Know the Reality
5. Overcome Fears
6. Find Real Happiness
7. Build Harmonious Relationships
8. Five states of Mind
9. Story of Senses
10. Understand Death
11. Melt the Mind
12. Heal from the Source
13. Find True Guru
14. Embrace Purity
15. Destroy Delusion
16. Embrace Real Yoga