Becoming to Being

Becoming to Being

Is Enlightenment Complicated?

Many of us think that Enlightenment is a complex process. And many people link Enlightenment to spirituality or the spiritual path. Yes, Enlightenment and Spirituality are connected, but it is not a complicated or domgatic path. In this course we will demystify all aspects of Enlightenment and we will take you through a beautiful journey to understand and realize enlightenment and how the frameworks of yoga can help in the process of Enlightenment. It is a path of self discovery, diving within and unravel the mysteries of our mind, body, life force and many other faculties within. It is the ability to tune within and also tune into the Nature and grander Universe around us. It a process of refinement of our personality to be able to see the reality of life as it is. In this simple, step by step, practical and experiential course you will learn the original process that ancient sages have used in their path of enlightenment. They have made out a roadmap for us to easily navigate and we have tailor made this for the modern hectic lifestyle so that you can work on this from the comfort of your home without the need to run away into a forest or spend your time in a retreat center. This Course allows you to make Enlightenment happen while you are performing your day to day duties. You will still be able to attend all your responsibilities whether it is your education, career, family, financial planning or living your passion and purpose while going through this program at your leisure and convenience.

Are you ready to take the first step?

Are you ready to make the commitment for enhancing your potential and expanding your awareness to increase the output by multifold in whatever task you decide to channel your energy. All you need is 1hr every week to go through each of these experiential lessons from this course and be able to put this into practice in your day to day life. Simple and easy to implement. Are you in for this game of the self, for the self, by the self?

Do you want to know:

  1. What are simple steps towards Enligthenment?
  2. The easiest path to Enlightenment?
  3. What are the challenges in the path of Enlightenment?
  4. The Science behind Enlightenment?
  5. The purpose of your life?

Many people get start on this path of Enlightenment but very quickly give up as they experience many turbulences making it a roller coaster ride. But in reality it can be a smooth sail to cruise down the path with effortless ease. It seems so far, but it is so near that we miss the signs and lead our live living in Ignorance. To be enlightened is to become aware of the smallest things what we come across in life, and the most important of them is ourselves.

What is Enlightenment?

  1. Equal mindedness or Equanimity of Mind
  2. To break down the walls of inner pisons and experience true Freedom
  3.  To cleanse the mind from the vices and embrace virtues
  4. A way of leading life revealing th fullest potential
  5. Constant continuous state of bliss and joy the beauty that we all have within
  6. To get rid of Enyanglements caused by the Emotions.
  7. To be living in the present and let go of the past
  8. To let go of Prejudices and Biases
  9. To get rid of self destructive habits
  10. Go beyond dualities of plain and pleasure
  11. To regulate the 5 senses, the conscious mind and make righteous choices
  12.  To realize the underlying reality of the nature of things
  13. Journey of Known to Unknown
  14. To experience the Vastness
  15. To Experience Unity in Diversity
  16. To experience the stillness of Mind

What is Enlightenment NOT? It is not

  1. a state of Euphoria
  2. a state to arrive at
  3. available only to a small subet of people
  4. to run away from the world and hide in a forest or cave
  5. live in the false ego
  6. to become a slave to the mind and senses

Course Content:

Here are a few things that you will explore in the course:

  1.  What is Enlightenment
  2.  How to attain Enlightenment
  3. Preparing Mind for Enlightenment
  4. Preparing Body for Enlightenment
  5. Preparing Lifeforce for Enlightenment
  6. Preparing Senses for Enligthenment
  7. Integration of Mind and Meditation
  8. Hurdles in the path of Enlighenment
  9. Science of Enlightenment