Youth Empowerment – Become a Master Mind

Do you experience stress, anxiety and low self-esteem in your life?

We have One Stop solution to beat peer pressure, build self-confidence and self-esteemto unlock your potential.

Do you feel trapped with these?

  • Bullied
  • Discriminated
  • Peer pressure
  • Lowself-esteem
  • Parental judgments
  • Stigmas
  • Loneliness
  • Social media
  • Unable to pursue your dreams

Heal yourself through our Experiential Program now!

You are the Solution

Have you felt that you have become the slave to your mind and emotions? Our Solution empowers the Real you so that you can define your life and realize your purpose.

You have spent all this time waiting for someone to save you. But you are your greatest savior. We will show you how.

You have probably spent endless hours with counsellors, friends, and family each offering you different ways of solving your problems. What if we say the best advice you can ever get is ‘Focus on You’ because you are the most precious resource.

People may laugh at you, put you down, make you feel useless, miserable and cause stress and anxiety. However, here you will learn how to simply smile away these people and circumstances to reveal the extraordinary gift that you are.

Do you want to try a hands-on program that shifts your experience?

Many challenges, but One Solution

Overwhelmed by Multitasking?

If you are one of those who is juggling with many activities in your life with School, Sports, Community Service, Art and other Hobbies, but unable to manage them all with balance and equipoise, tune into Cooper a Grad 11 student who shares about his struggle managing multiple activities.

He also shares how our Healing program helped him to juggle all the tasks and projects with ease and no stress whatsoever.

Subjected to bullying and peer pressure?

Have you gone through bullying and peer pressure in your school and outside?

Have you bottled up all your feelings and eventually did not have an exit for them leading to physical discomfort and mental turmoil?

Then please watch this video where Grade 12 student Ananya shares her personal journey of innerturmoil. She shares how our program helped her shift from chaos to clarity, turmoil to tranquil, and eventually scaling up to Global youth platforms inspiring many in leadership and selfless service.

Controlled by Negative Thoughts?

Are you constantly going through negative thoughts? Do you feel like your life is controlled by your Mind?

Tune into what Joel, Grade 11 student has to say about how he used to fight the negative thoughts and feelings of anger with some conventional techniques with no results.

Joel shares how our program is helping him overcome those challenges to regain control over his Mind.

Do you want to become the master of your destiny just like all these successful graduates of our program?
How can you do this? With a hands-on, easy to understand, Experiential Program.

The Experiential Program!

We recommend our effortless, guaranteed, result-oriented program.

Our Self-empowerment program willgive you the power to overcome physical, mental and emotional challenges. It allows you to release the bottled up pressure instantly.

You will take charge of your life transcending inner and outer challenges.
You will rise above the mundane to create exciting moments from your passion and drive to achieve your goals.

You will stay centered in any kind of circumstances that you face. You will stay focused on yourself to cross the hurdles and barriers that are put up against you.

We have helped and healedmany who were on the verge of complete breakdown.

Are you ready to master the art of sculpting the wizard and warrior in you?

  • Subtle Exercises to strengthen the body.
  • Simple Breathing Exercises to clear emotionaltoxins.
  • Effortless Ancient Healing Meditation to relaxand empower you.
  • Allow Pure Vibrations of energy to blossom your authentic self.
Immediate outcomes:
  • Higher physical energy levels
  • Fearless and confident
  • Focused and centered
  • Emotionally smart

Do you know that the biggest illusion of your life is your own thoughts that trap you?

This program builds the best version of you. You will feel complete and fall in love with yourself. You will not wait for someone else to validate you.
You will learn from the past, stay grounded in the present and innovate the future you want.

You will become the Mastermind to navigate the intricacies and complexities of the world. You will rewire the neural networks to nurture the brain that you want.You will learn to use the rational and emotional parts of the brain as you need.
This program teaches you how!

Join two world-class teachers, Ancient Sage Sunita and Dr.Suman, and let them take you on a subtle yet powerful journey to make you the Master Mind!

How you will Benefit


Shift from validation of peers to
saying grounded in yourself which is invincible


Realize your trueworth and fall in love
with your real self beyond other’s judgments


Decimate haters with kindness and become a role model for others to look upon


Reveal your best version, bubbling
with unstoppable confidence &


Connect with energy source within
unravel your passion &


Reveal the wizard and warrior within by using your Mind and Body as tools for achieving your goals

Get all these benefits from ‘One’ program

Your Mentors

Master Sunita

  • Transformational Agent.
  • Nurtured thousands across the globe.
  • Lives Compassion in Action.
  • Pioneered one of a kind Healing program.
  • Champion of Overall Wellbeing.
  • Rare combination of Science & Wisdom.
  • Cuts through ambiguity.
  • Empowers all age groups.
  • Ignites Human potential & purpose.
  • Navigates change in complex environments.

Dr. Suman Kollipara

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  • Destroy the delusion of emotional baggage
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