Our Goal is to bridge Experimental and Experiential knowledge for holistic approaches to Healing using ancient methods like Sookshma Meditation. We have initiated a few research collaborations with Universities and Research Institutions across the globe. Here are a few areas of our current research. To measure the effect of Sookshma Meditation on the following:

  1. Cognition in Young Adults
  2. Wellness in Psychiatry Residents
  3. Recovery in Breast Cancer Patients
  4. Screen Addiction and Emotional Regulation in Students

Ongoing Collaborations:

1. Research and Education in collaboration with SDUAHER – Sri Devaraj Urs Academy of Higher Education and Research, a deemed university located in Kolar, Karnataka, India.

  • Research study on Cognition in Young Adults completed
  • Research study planned to study on Screen addiction, emotional regulations in School children

2. Research and Education collaboration with the University of South Carolina – Columbia, USA – Department of Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Science

  • Research study on Stress and Quality of life in Psychiatry Residents completed