Wellness from Within

Wellness from Within

We have a silent epidemic of chronic diseases called Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) like Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, Stroke, Cancer, Arthritis, Alzheimers, Lung disease, Mental Illness (Anxiety, Depression), etc, killing 41 million people each year globally (i.e. 71% of deaths). A vaccine shot cannot fix the threat of NCDs and Mental Illness because the root cause is in the mindset and lifestyle. The solution needs an integrated, individualized and sustainable approach of prevention and treatment modalities, bridging the modern medicine and ancient healing systems like Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda. This requires us to take a deep dive into ourselves and innovate models of wellness that can heal the ‘whole person’. “Wellness from Within” is a systematic and scientific approach to empower you to experience optimal wellness using tools of Sookshma Meditation.

In a world where every individual has a history of some form of chronic illness ingrained in the genetic fabric, and lifestyle choices that trigger the disease, derailing the productivity and quality of life at an individual level, this course is an eye opener to help reclaim your wellness so that you leave a legacy of health, wealth and happiness for yourself and your family. In this course Dr. Suman Kollipara simplifies the path to your wellness, takes you on a ride to the subtle elements of mind and body, bridging the ancient wisdom and modern scientific understanding by revealing secrets of longevity for vigor and rigor of life. Whether you feel like your health is derailed by any chronic illness, or if you are curious about enhancing current state of health to a new level, Wellness from Within provides the solution to your quest.

Do you want to dive into the Wellness Within?

How will you benefit

  • Awakens your Inner Voice for Wellness to take charge of your health
  • Unwinds deeply rooted bad habits and helps reinforce neural networks for wellbeing
  • Reveals Innate Intelligence of your Wellness to guide you every moment of your life
  •  Integrates Wisdom and Science to satisfy the skeptic mind and build the muscle of
  • Redefines Art and Science of Wellness to provide you tools and create a colorful
    canvas of radiant health

With a combiniation of these steps and timeless wisdom from Dr.Suman and Dr.Patil, Wellness from Within is a must for everyone who wants to take charge of their Wellness. Heal and Thrive with Sookshma Meditation using evidence-based approaches to wellness

Here are a few things we will explore together in this course. Each session involves both scientific understanding of the concepts as well as experiential practice to empower you to bring shifts in your wellness.

  • Wellness From Within
  • What is Real Yoga
  • What is True Meditation
  • Why Sookshma Meditation
  • Explore Wellness and Illness
  • Meditation as Therapy
  • Evidence-Based research On Meditation
  • Ayurveda – Elixir Of Life
  • Neuroscience of Meditation