8 Steps to Master your Life

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Introduction to 8 Steps to Master your Life Meditation Program:

We all face countless challenges in life, whether physical, mental or emotional, but now there is an easy, ONE-STOP SOLUTION for many of them and that too from the comfort of your Home.

Our 8 session online program helps you take a deep dive into yourself, empower you to become the mastermind of your life and overcome challenges. These practical sessions guide you step by step to go beyond the blockages whether it is health, career, relationships or realizing your potential.

If you currently experience stress, illness, dysfunctional relationships at work and home, trauma, exhaustion, unable to realize your passion and purpose or even not seeing the end in your spiritual journey, then Our 8 session program is for You! In addition to the access to the experiential sessions, you will get regular emails with guidance to transform your life with simple changes to your diet, mindset and heartset. 

Our program has the power to make a lasting and positive impact on your well-being. Whether you are motivated to get into better physical shape, reap emotional and spiritual benefits, or just want to challenge yourself, this will help you achieve your goals without too much time commitment. 2hrs per week is all that you need and you can time it as per your convenience. You will have access to all the 8 sessions for lifetime.

Each session will focus on a specific challenge and provides practical solutions to mold yourself to a better version and create the life you wanted.

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Session 1: Introduction to Sookshma Healing Meditation

Welcome to 1st of the 8 Sessions Sookshma Healing program!

Congratulations on making the choice to embark on this 4 week program and make a commitment for yourself. This challenge will make it possible to make this ancient healing meditation as a part of your routine, even if it feels like you are on a very tight schedule.

Whether you’re very busy or have an excess of leisure time 4 weeks of consistent practice has the power to make a lasting and positive impact on your overall well-being. 

Today’s session is an introduction of the Sookshma Self Compassion Healing program. You will learn:

  1. Basics of Sookshma Meditation
  2. What is your true nature
  3. Why ‘You’ are the epicenter of your success
  4. How to clean the patterns/attitudes/vices from the subconscious

Sit back, relax and let’s dive into your core self.


Session 2: Heal Stress

Welcome 2nd session of the Sookshma Ancient Healing program!

In this session, I share my own personal daily routine that keeps me on top of my game of helping many more heal and empower them with infinite potential to accomplish their goals. You will learn how to incorporate the subtle practices into your routine while performing day-to-day duties for your family, work and society. 

In this session, we take a deep dive to heal stress.

You will learn the science of stress and types of stress that create havoc in our lives.

I share with you strategies in using the Conscious stress for your benefit and eliminating the Subconscious stress.

I also share with you how the energy is created and utilized in our lives and how to purify and transform it into a potent form so that you can maximize your output to achieve your goals.


Session 3: Enrich your Emotions

Welcome to third session of the Sookshma Healing Meditation program.

In this session, I will share with you the dynamics and science of emotions, which form the foundation of relationships. You will learn the evolution and science of emotions and how they affect not only our moods, but also physical wellbeing.

I will demystify the essence of our pursuit of Happiness in life and reveal to you a better state of mind that can override the polarities of emotions that we experience in life. I hear from many young and old that they go through a range of emotions and are easily distracted by the emotions of grief, pain, guilt and sadness. I will show you a way to grow beyond the dualities that cause a roller coaster emotional ride in life. 

Emotions are here to enrich us, not destroy.  I will help you find a solid, grounded state of being which can boost your feelings to stay energized and focused on creating a state of bliss from where you can navigate all types of emotions while experiencing them in the flow of life.

I will walk with you to melt away the emotional baggage, mood outbursts and past trauma in you.


Session 4: Build Harmonious Relationships

Welcome to fourth session of the Sookshma Healing Meditation program.

In the last session, we have laid foundation of emotions and shown you how to navigate through the maze of feelings. In this session, we will use those emotions to build harmonious relationships.

First, I will help you build an honest relationship with yourself, so that you will naturally be able to blossom any relationship in your life. You will learn to orchestrate the relationships in your life and create an inner network while expanding your social circle of enriching people.

I will help you feel complete with yourself, which will help you make decisive steps, and actions that make your True Self prosper. I will show you how to go deeper into building extraordinary and heartening relationships with yourself and everyone around.


Session 5: Discover your Potential

Welcome to the fifth session of the Sookshma Healing Meditation program.

In this session, I will help you understand what different types of energies are and how to channel them towards maximizing your potential in making it to you goals. In this session, you will learn ways to access that innate potential in you as well as recharge and rejuvenate to keep that potential constantly flowing into your life.

You will get into experiencing your highest potential and realize that you are not just this physical frame of body and a bundle of thoughts but a pure potential source of energy that is regulating the body and mind. I will help you navigate to these energy centers inside and around you so that you awaken the Warrior and Wizard in you.

We connect you to the powerhouse of energy within to help you channel the ideas into action for peak productivity. Your Purpose will come to you and your Potential will drive you automatically to your life’s dreams.


Session 6: How to Realize your Purpose

Welcome to the sixth session of the Sookshma Healing Meditation program.

In this session, you will have tools and knowledge to realize your purpose in life. Unfulfilled purpose creates incompleteness, frustration and dissatisfaction in life.  You will realize that subtle vibration or spark that you come into this world with and leave a legacy for generations to come.

You will learn to shift from contracted state of awareness filled with vices of greed, envy and selfishness to expansion awareness of unconditional openness to attract opportunities and people who can help you realize your purpose.

I will help you to translate the unique skill to create abundance in all aspects of your life as well as to realize your purpose. You will clearly learn to demarcate between passion and purpose. You will channel your passion


Session 7: Reveal your Higher Self

Welcome to the seventh session of the Sookshma Healing Meditation program.

Living a perfectly balanced is very important, but equally or more important is to realize who we are in this grander scale of the universe. In this session, you will understand that our very nature is the pure, blissful higher self. You will be surprised to know how easy it is to access this in day-to-day life.

I will demystify the concept of ‘Self’, help you break the layers of delusion that mask the Higher Self, the differences between the lower and higher self, as well as simple ways to realize this effortlessly. I will assist you to constantly integrate life with the higher self while performing the day to day duties and working towards your life’s goals.

At the end of this session you will know how tune into the pure awareness of higher self which keeps energizing your life from all dimensions.


Session 8: Measuring Progress in your Transformation Journey

Welcome to the Eighth session of the Sookshma Healing Meditation program.

In this session, you will realize that Meditation is not a destination but a life long journey. You will also understand that Spirituality and Worldly life or not different, and you do not need to run away from the world to hide in a cave and meditate. I will show you the path to enlightenment while living in this very material world.

I will provide you simple pointers to measure your progress in the journey and simplify a way to assess yourself on a day-to-day and even moment-to-moment basis.

Realizing the Oneness is the ultimate measure of your transformation journey. You will learn and identify practices to train, mend and bend the mind to reformat the lens through which you see the world to experience oneness within and oneness with the world.

You will leave the session and the program with tools and wisdom for your Wellness, Fullness and Oneness leading to Health, Happiness and Harmony.