Ancient Sage for Silicon Age

  • Ancient Sage for Silicon Age Sookshma - A Path to Wellness, Fullness, Oneness  
  • October 1, 2017

We as humanity are evolving really fast in the world of technology with the innovation in Science. With this our lives and life style changed dramatically, we are unable to cope up with the technology which is evolving faster than human minds and bodies, leading to a gap between individuals and lacuna of darkness in our minds. This is resulting in many of the Non-Communicable diseases as well as Mental health problems and life style diseases like Diabetes, Anxiety, Depression, Hypertension, Autoimmune disorders like Crohn’s, Colitis, IBS and so on. Keeping this in mind, Ancient Sage Sunita has pioneered a healing program ‘Sookshma’ with its foundation in ancient wisdom that is tailor made for modern life to help heal from Physical, Mental and emotional turmoil and lead a stress-free life. Sookshma Self Compassion Healing is a subtle program for all age groups to heal from simple to complex illness as well as experience highest potential within. This book  Ancient Sage For Silicon Age – a jewel in itself, is meant for guiding and supporting you in leading disease free life, while attaining peak potential which results in the best version of You and translating that to abundance and productivity in all aspects of your life.

This is not a book with information, but an aid to help you in your journey of transformation. This is a deep journey into You, to awaken the inner being that is subdued by the mind and its emotional entanglements. It helps you build the muscle of pure awareness and emotional intelligence. It is a stepping ladder in the path of enlightenment and spiritual awakening. The book clearly explains the underlying scientific aspects of inner journey like subtle physical exercises, Self-Love, Self-compassion, purity of thought, simple breathing exercises, mindfulness practices and deep healing meditation which takes one to experiences the subtle vibration of pure energy within. This experience translates to abundance in Overall Wellbeing resulting in Health, Happiness and Harmony in all aspects of life. This book helps you understand why we need to shift from Skin level relaxation to Soul level relaxation so that we can become an embodiment of anti-ageing. Anti-Ageing does not mean that we stop ageing, but to age gracefully chronologically, but keeping the biology in tune with the nature in full vigour and vitality.

The foundation of Sookshma is from the ancient wisdom of Yoga and Meditation. But keeping in mind the time constraints of modern hectic lifestyle master Sunita had taken the pure extract of this time tested wisdom and simplified it for our needs so that we can destress, recharge, rejuvenate and reenergize very quickly with the limited time available for Self-Care. This is a training program unlike others to transform from inside out where You are the centre of action. This book simplifies the complexity of body and mind to help you demystify the whole concept of mindfulness and meditation. It simplifies the complicated path of enlightenment with practical insights of its benefits and outcomes. This book removes the barriers for anyone to embrace the spiritual path. It is a hallmark of spirituality which stimulates the core essence of our existence and awakens the hidden powers within to lead life with meaning and greater purpose than the selfish means.

This book helps you improve every aspect of your life and helps shift from Vices to Virtues. Ancient Sage like Sunita with her pure vibrations helps each individual realize their purpose and achieve their dreams come true to lead life with Wellness, Fullness and Oneness.
Ancient Sage for Silicon Age is a classic text which is an embodiment of all religions, cultures, races and regions to experience the underlying thread of Oneness of humanity. Unity in Diversity is the need of the hour and this book spearheads one to reframe and reformat their mental and emotional framework to experience the Oneness with the Self and fellow beings. It is a book for a layman, a common man to embrace highest wisdom yet reap practical cumulative benefits in daily life.