Source Level Relaxation is the Solution

Beat the stress with our ‘Source level relaxation’ for true healing and fountain of youthfulness

Reclaim your Wellness - Heal from Stress & Illness

Did Stress hijack your life?

Is Stress causing you?

  • Exhaustion
  • Burnout
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Relationship challenges
  • Ageing faster
  • Disinterest in Life
  • Inability to balance work and life

Heal yourself through our Experiential Program now!

CBS Los Angeles Interview - Dr.Suman Kollipara - Hermela Aregawi -SOOKSHMA Meditation Benefits

Dr.Suman Kollipara on CBS Los Angeles speaking on Stress and our Healing Meditation program.

Source Level Relaxation is the Solution

Our straightforward solution: Beat the stress with our ‘Source level relaxation’ for true healing, not the ‘Skin or Sense level gratification’ that provides temporary pleasures.

Source level relaxation involves getting deeper into yourself and clearing the inner blockages that have been triggering the stress. These triggers weaken your immune system, digestive, nervous and reproductive system.

So why can’t you remove this triggers from the root? It’s because the stressors have been turned on day and night, leading to exhaustion, burnout, frustration, and illness.

Skin level Relaxations are just a Band-Aid to the cancer that is deeply rooted. It is to wait for the time bomb to explode anytime.

Are you ready to weed out the root cause to get a permanent solution?

How can you do this? With a hands-on, easy to understand, Experiential Program.

  • Subtle Exercises to release accumulated stress.
  • Simple Breathing Exercises to clear toxins
  • Effortless Ancient Healing Meditation to heal trillions of cells.
  • Allow Pure Vibrations of energy to sprout your cells to reclaim vitality.
Immediate outcomes:
  • Higher physical energy levels
  • Complete relaxation
  • Mentally focused, present
  • Recharged and re-energized

This program builds strength from the Core, by taking you on a deep dive beyond the mind and body to the Energy Source within. You will be able to regenerate the energy anytime you want.

This program teaches you how! Join Sunita to take you on a subtle yet powerful journey to heal stress!

The Experiential Program!

We recommend our effortless and result-oriented program.

Our Self-empowerment program will clear clutters of worry & stress in you.

We connect you to the powerhouse of energy within to overcome the exhaustion and tiredness.

You will become a witness of your results first hand in this experiential program.

We can solve the Stress in any form so that you experience your original self, bubbling with energy and enthusiasm again. Your body regains the vigor and rigor.

Are you ready for a complete Detox of your system to be reborn again with phenomenal energy and vibrancy?

GLOBAL TV Coverage of Dr Suman Kollipara - Meditation workshop -Tommy Douglas Library

Healing Stress – An Experiential Program – Global TV, Vancouver

How you will Benefit


Shift from fight or flight stress response to rest & digest relaxation state to begin each day with new energy


Tap into Infinite fountain of youthfulness beyond chronological age for vigor & vitality in life

Get all these benefits from ‘One’ program


Your Mentors

Master Sunita

  • Transformational Agent.
  • Nurtured thousands across the globe.
  • Lives Compassion in Action.
  • Pioneered one of a kind Healing program.
  • Champion of Overall Wellbeing.
  • Rare combination of Science & Wisdom.
  • Cuts through ambiguity.
  • Empowers all age groups.
  • Ignites Human potential & purpose.
  • Navigates change in complex environments.

Dr. Suman Kollipara

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