The Sookshma Program is a journey of inner exploration and Self discovery. Depending on the various experiences in life, we register emotions and feelings in our system over a period of time. Sookshma Self Compassion program is about unwinding the conditioning which involves cleansing and purification of mind and body, to experience out true, authentic, pure self which is an energy field of highest potential. This process results in enhanced healing from various types of Chronic Illness and Mental/Emotional Trauma, or simply unwinds day to day stress as well as boost the energy system to recharge, rejuvenate and re-energize all aspects of day to day life. During the Sookshma program, we have observed that people go through these stages of transformation.

  • Physical changes

–Instant boost in Life force and Physical Energy

–Glowing face, Twinkle in Eyes, Lightness in body with relief from Pains & Tensions

  • Mental changes

–Pure Stillness of Mind  – State of Bliss & Joy

–Fullness and contentment

–Crystal Clear Clarity in Thinking with no blockages

–One Pointedness for accomplishing goals in life – Peak Potential

  • Emotional changes

–Equanimity  of Emotions

–Able to face any challenges with grace & smile

–No conflicts within – No enemies outside – Building Fruitful relationships

  • Spiritual

–Realization of True Inner Self & Higher states of Consciousness

–State of Oneness with all – Compassion, Love and Empathy for all

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