Meditation for Unmanaged Stress – Feb 3rd 2018 – 2pm to 4pm at Tommy Douglas Library, Burnaby

Abused Stress is the Silent Killer of the Silicon Age. Stress seeps under the cover of life, starts brewing simple to complex illness and before knowing drowns us in pain and suffering eventually pushing us to the perils of untimely and unnatural death of creativity and potential to prosper. In our continuous efforts at the Non profit, Peace Tree Innovations Society we start the new year by presenting you a Lecture workshop on Feb 3rd from 2PM to 4PM at Tommy Douglas Library , Burnaby. You will learn about Science of Stress and how we are abusing this amazing Stress response built into our system as a part of the evolution and also dive deeper into Neuroscience of Meditation. You will have an opportunity to practice and experience Sookshma Self Compassion Healing  Meditation Program for ‘Wellness from Within’ pioneered by an ancient living master Sunita. Pls register for free online at: