Peace Tree Innovations Society is a Nonprofit, Center for Wellness and Oneness, Healing Individuals and Organizations using tools of wisdom and modern science. We have been on the ground for the past 11 years and bringing human transformation using tools of Conscious Leadership. We do this with a 3 stepped process of Educate, Experience, Empower; To provide Education of Mind, Body, Emotions, Wellness and Leadership, To provide tools of self-empowerment and self-transformation like Mindfulness and Meditation  so that people can shift their Experience of their optimal selves, wellness and their capacities, to Empower them realize their infinite potential of greater purpose than the self. This systematic approach of bridging wisdom and science has been at the core of our work. We have transformed many individuals, families and organizations through our selfless work across the globe.

Our niche workshops and programs – Wellness from Within and Conscious Leadership are well received by all segments of the society.

With the distractive and destructive nature of chaotic modern world, we have designed a program that is tailor made for everyone to recharge, rejuvenate and reenergize on a moment to moment basis so that people can present their best version to the world.

We have healed many from simple anxiety, depression to complex illness like Crohn’s, Colitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and many more through Wellness programs.

We have transformed many leaders from Ambassadors, Doctors, Engineers, C level executives, Business leaders, Entrepreneurs who have been challenged about their current models of leadership to bring a complete rewiring in their neural networks which in turn shifted  their organizations from simple goodness to phenomenal outcomes in culture and profits.