Sookshma is a simple and practical approach that suits a modern hectic life style, but has its roots in Ancient Wisdom that had stood the test of time.

Enhanced and evolved over 4 decades of experience from Master Sunita, who has carefully studied and practised ‘Sookshma’, guides humanity with deep empathy, pure unconditional love and compassion. Sookshma is working on the Self and to be the change that we want to see in the world whether it is personal wellness or global oneness.

“Sookshma” translates into English as “Micro or Subtle” and it unfolds the Micro-cosmic energy present within ourselves in every corner of the body.

Sookshma is just not a bunch of techniques or body movements, but a channel that awakens the pure energy in every cell of the body, to bring awareness, acceptance and enhancement of our body and mind. Sookshma is a Self Empowerment process.

Following are the immediate benefits people have found by practicing Sookshma program under the able guidance of the Master.

  • Abundance in Health, Wealth and Inner Peace.
  • Increased focus and concentration in kids and teenagers.
  • Ability to handle stress in all aspects of life
  • Better performance at school education, learning arts and performance in sports.
  • Creating a Soulful and Joyful communion in marriage and relationships.
  • Healing emotional and psychosomatic problems in various individuals.
  • Curing Chronic Physical Problems like Joint pains, Lack of coordination of muscles, Irregular bowel movements, Obesity, Hypertension, Crohns, Colitis, Diabetes, Arthritis and more
  • Eliminating Mental ailments like Anxiety, Depression, Loneliness and Emotional Trauma.

Sookshma is a small Life Style shift for Overall wellbeing starting with Self care and Self Compasison.

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