Peace Tree Innovations Society- Non Communicable Diseases – NCDs prevention and cure – Dr.Suman Kollipara

Peace Tree Innovations Society is a Non Profit established as Center for Wellness & Oneness for helping humanity lead life filled with Wellness, Fullness, Oneness. We have been at the center of prevention and cure of NCDs – Non Communicable Diseases with a 3 step approach of Educate, Experience, Enlighten. Most of the NCDs can be prevented with simple lifestyle choices. But Mind is the culprit which does not allow one to make the right choices. So we have taken an approach of fixing the mind using ancient wisdom tools of Meditation, Self Compassion and Self healing. Most of the NCDs are an outcome of STressful and Emotionally draining life which results in bad choices when it comes to food, exercise and relationships. We at Peace Tree believe that if we fix the mind, then most of the problems can be solved because Mind is at the center of choice making. When we help people realize their True Self, then they are able to use Mind as a tool in defining their destiny to create Health, Happiness and Harmony.