Projects and Presentations of Dr.Suman Kollipara:

Conferences and Papers

United Nations – World Health Organization Headquarters, Geneva. – 2018  

Presented session at the WHO in Geneva addressing the Nations and Delegates telecasted live across the globe on ‘Wellness from Within’ with special emphasis on Mental Illness and NCDs (Non Communicable Diseases) focusing on preventative and curative strategies using ancient wisdom healing tools of


Presented session to the Leadership team at the WHO on ‘Conscious Leadership’ in building Healing Organizations especially in culturally diverse environments like WHO in creating Healthy platforms within the organization for efficient leadership in steering Global Health.

 BC SUPPORT – Canadian Institute of Health Research – Employee Retreat – Key Note Speaker. – 2018  

Presented keynote session to the leadership team and employees of BC Support – Emotional Intelligence in Leadership and building healing workspaces.

 25th World Summit on Psychiatry, Psychology and Psychotherapy Conference – San Francisco – 2017 

Presented Paper “Wellness beyond Mindfulness” and lecture workshop at the conference. Initiated many panel discussions on the latest trends in Mindfulness and Meditation research along with impact of Self
Compassion in the healing of Mental Illness.

UBC 4th Biennial Healthy Mothers and Healthy Babies 2020 Conference: Innovation and Equity – 2020 

Presented  workshop and  experiential session  on Self Care and Self Compassion Meditation in Postpartum care of Mothers with emphasis on using Breathing, Mindfulness and Meditation.

KPMG Annual Employee Summit – Vancouver, BC – 2019       

Presented keynote on Conscious Leadership and a practical experiential workshop at the annual employee summit of KPMG Vancouver.

Sri Devaraj Urs Medical College – Kolar, Karnataka, India – 2021     

Presented experiential sessions in International webinars to Medical students and Faculty on Sookshma Meditation, Yoga and Wellness on topics of Women’s Health, Mental Wellness, and Spiritual essence of Yoga – Samatvam

American Marketing Association Annual conference – Vancouver, BC – 2019    

Presented ‘Ideation to Innovation’ at AMA conference – Framework to start with clean state, blossom creativity & empathize deeply to see through the eyes of your and others purpose for shifting from

Information to Transformation

Municipal Innovators Conference 2018, Calgary, AB – 2018 

Present lecture workshop ‘Reinventing Human potential’ how People transformation can help Re- Invent organizations and eventually lead to Innovation in many dimensions that make us human.

CINI 2018 and 2021 – Canada India Network Initiative – Patient Engagement, Social Innovation & Tech. 

Presented a talk at the International conference with leaders in different fields (Academia, Research, Health, Innovation, Industry and Public Policy) from Canada and India. Provided recommendations on Mental Wellness and importance of education and practical self-empowerment tools

like Meditation in preventing and healing mental illness.

Healing Organisms & Organizations – Babson College, Boston – Entrepreneurship program – 2017   

Presented lecture workshop on “Conscious Leadership”, a framework and model for effective leadership, at the Conscious Capitalism class of MBA Entrepreneurship program in Babson College, Boston.

Surrey Teachers Convention – Surrey, BC 2016-2019    

Presented “Emotional Intelligence” Lecture workshop at three Surrey teachers convention where thousands of teachers from Surrey School district assemble to empower with skills in Emotional
Intelligence, Healing Self and the Classroom, Mindfulness and Meditation.

American Telugu Association – 25th conference – Chicago 

Presented lecture workshop on ‘Meditation for Stress Management’ as part of the 25th World conference of American Telugu Association.

 Telugu Association of North America– 40th Anniversary – St. Louis      

Presented lecture workshop on “Health is Wealth” as part of the 40th anniversary of TANA bridging ancient wisdom and modern science – A practical model for wellness in fast paced lifestyles.

Initiatives and Projects

City of Burnaby – Meditation programs for Employees                                                                                   

Presented Sookshma Self Compassion Meditation workshops to the employees of City of Burnaby for the past 2 years during Lunch Hour as a part of Healthy City Initiative. Surveys conducted reflected shift in the emotional and mental state of employees, better stress management and improvement in productivity.

 Burnaby Fire Department – Meditation for Firefighters                                                                                  

Presented a series of workshops sharing the knowledge of Science of Stress, PTSD and Neuroscience of Meditation along with tools and techniques of Self Compassion Meditation with Burnaby Fire Department. Firefighters and staff benefits in a big way from these sessions.

 Pacific Gas & Electric – San Francisco – Managing Passion for Executive Leadership                                    

Presented Lecture workshops to the Executive Management of Pacific Gas & Electric on Managing Passion in their day to day work environment and decision making.

 Inpatient Psychiatric Unit – Vancouver General Hospital                                                                               

This was an 8 week program wherein the Inpatients spent an hour practicing Self Compassion Healing Meditation. The program catered to patients with a variety of Psychiatric illness from Anxiety, Depression, Addictions and other mental ailments.

 City of Burnaby – Conscious Leadership for Sr.Management group                                                                

Presented a 3 week program on ‘Conscious Leadership’ to the Sr.Management at the City of Burnaby in creating inclusive workplaces filled with compassion, empathy and peak potential.

 Addiction Center – DayTox – Self Compassion Healing Meditation Program                                                 

Worked on rehabilitation of patrons recovering from various Addictions using the Sookshma Self Compassion Healing Program. The response has been very good and many participants realized immediate benefits from the program. Many of them were able to incorporate the practices into their daily

routine to handle the challenges they phase in the withdrawal phase.

 University of California, San Francisco Medical Center                                                                                   

Presented Sookshma Self Compassion Healing Meditation program to the staff and patients at the UCSF Medical Center in helping them manage day to day stress and emotional challenges.

 Stress Management for Teen and Youth – City of Surrey and City of Burnaby                                                

Presented many lecture workshops to bring awareness of mental illness in Teen and Youth. Workshops involved science of stress, impact of stress on physiology and psychology, neuroscience of meditation and providing self-empowerment tools of Self Compassion Healing Meditation to handle daily stress, peer

pressure, social media addiction and other teen challenges.

 Sookshma Self Compassion Meditation – Campaign for Crohn’s, Colitis and IBD                                          

A workshop involving medical testimony, guided meditation, and public awareness about how Crohn’s Disease and other IBDs can be healed through Self compassion meditation and lifestyle shifts.

 Meditation for Stress & Emotional Mgmt – Libraries/Schools/Community Centers                                       

Conducted innumerable workshops at the Public Libraries and Schools in various cities across North America for empowerment of grassroots simplifying the knowledge of mind and body, providing self-empowerment tools and creating eco system that nurtures wellness in all dimensions.