Mindfulness for Self Healing

Sookshma i.e. Subtle is a way to go beyond the limited capacity of senses, mind, body and to tap into Inner being which is an embodiment of Infinite potential. Our Inner Being is our True Self but unfortunately covered by vices of anger, greed, jealousy and pride. Sookshma is an ancient healing path to cleanse the mind and body to experience our true self.

In today’s fast-paced life, it is extremely important for an individual to come to terms with the real self. We are constantly running in different directions for attaining the materialistic wealth but forgetting the most precious resource our Self. The real question is how to stay grounded in the Self, while attaining balance between work, family and wellness.

Most of us are either living in the past or living in the Future but not in the present moment. In fact, a lot are suffering from an emotional stress in this hectic modern life leading to most of the illness that we see today. But you can seek the solace in this rat race, under the conscious leadership of ancient sage like Sunita.

Sunita has pioneered this ancient healing meditation program that is tailor made for modern life to help you heal the emotional turmoil and live a stress-free life. This mindfulness based stress reduction blended with pure vibrations of an ancient master will impart you with the education and experience of highest quality – guiding and supporting you in attaining peak potential which results in better growth and productivity in all aspects of life.

Under her support and guidance, you can attain enlightenment and spiritual awakening process. Enlightenment does not mean that you disappear into a cave or a forest, but to be living with infinite peak potential beyond the limitations of mind and body and become an embodiment of pure love and openness.

We can all attain peak potential and rise to the occasions that come in your life if we follow the directions of this true master, who does not proclaim her to be a Guru or God. With her exclusive mindfulness and meditation training program, she helps you learn a productive way of dealing with stress and emotions – creating space between you and your present scenarios. She will help separate you from your problems. Her holistic approach along with creative mindfulness and meditation exercises that can be practiced from a child to a senior citizen will let you gain access to resources you were not aware of earlier. You will see her revealing the magic of emotional intelligence while training and taming your mind and body.