In the Journey called ‘Life’, we are constantly subjected to changes in the surroundings. The two entities that are subject to this change are Mind and Body.

The effects of these surroundings changes the way we feel, the way think and act. From this simple statement, we see that there are three processes around which life revolves:

Feel – Perception of external environment

Think – Internal processing of this information received

Act – External manifestation of the thought into some action

Every moment we are constantly doing this consciously or unconsciously.

We all are diverse and different in the way we feel about certain things and situations and so we differ in the way we think and act.

There are many theories that explain how and why we all are different.

But there is one thing that is common to all of us. “Think and Act” process that is emanating from “Mind and Body” respectively.

The reason for chaos in our lives, and lack of peace, is because of the disharmony between what we think and how we act.

This is where the ancient seers and wise have developed methods of streamlining the thoughts and action.

This process of Union of Thought and Action is possible through Yoga and Meditation.

Sookshma Program was developed by Sunita Bapooji, 40 years back and has its roots in the ancient principles of Yoga and Meditation. The essence of Sookshma is Self Compassion and Self Love.  Sookshma is Self Compassion Healing Meditation Program.

The word ‘Sookshma’ comes from ancient Indian language ‘Sanskrit’ and it translates to ‘Micro’ or ‘Subtle’. Sookshma essentially is a journey into the Microcosm which infact is the foundation of Macrocosm of our lives. Sookshma has simple & subtle exercises, breathing exercises and Meditation.

The subtle physical exercises that Sunita teaches focuses on various movements of the body to stimulate different energy centers that are essential for perceiving information (the way we feel). These exercises create an alignment of energy flow and creates a subtle connection with the thought process of Mind.

Meditation on the other hand, creates gaps in our thought process so that we are not overwhelmed with the information fed into our Eco-system, thus enabling us to slowly respond to changes.

Meditation creates a serene space of silence in which we can hear our real self, unbiased from the external forces that can disturb our efficient decision making in our lives.

This way both simple exercises and Meditation, not only individually strengthen the Mind and Body, but also creates a strong bridge between Mind and Body. They give access to the immense energy that is being created by individual cells within the body and mind that can be used to channel properly into our creative endeavors in bringing abundance health, wealth and peace.

Sookshma program is an extract of ancient wisdom to help create the communion of thoughts and action and bring awareness into the self.

Peace is realized as a state of mind when there is harmony between what we think and how we act.

In the world of externalization and consumerism, where we are always outward and distracted with so many intrusions into our Mind-Body ecosystem, Yoga and Meditation acts as security barrier protecting the Mind and Body from the turbulence, so indirectly creating Peace within.

Also there are a lot of internal changes that are happening constantly in the mind and body, because of hormonal changes and ageing process.

These chemical changes can cause fluctuation in the way we feel, think and act.

Again Sookshma aligns the Mind and Body into a single plane. It elevates the human thinking into more positive and wiser zone.

Sookshma Program creates an Inner sanctuary from which we are trained not to react, but to respond to the external environment.

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