Stages of Mind by Sunita Amma | PMC English

In this video, Sunitamma talks about the stages of mind: Kshipta, Mudha, Vikshipta, Ekagrata, and Niruddha. She describes each stage beautifully. And she also talks about the levels of concentration. She explains one-pointedness and the essence of it. She also discusses the spiritual perspectives of the above.

Stages of Mind by Sunitamma | PMC English

We are driven by our thoughts and emotions created in and by the Mind. The mechanics of the mind are driven by its power of concentration. The Concentration is like the Engine that drives the mind and its activities. Ancient sages for thousands of years have studied on how the Mind and its concentration works and have identified different levels or stages of Mind.

In this episode ancient sage Sunita Amma shares these five stages of mind and simplifies those states for our easy understanding. The Sookshma program helps people regain control over the mind so that we can regulate and evolve our life to gain better health, peace and harmony. This is possible only when one understands and regulates these stages of mind.

With short stories and practical examples from her own life and from many historical incidents from ancient times, she simplifies the most complex aspect of mind. Here are the 5 stages of mind:


This is a very scattered mind, running here and there like a Monkey. It gets distracted very easily especially with the events of life, running from pain to pleasure, sadness to happiness always stuck in the dualities. This results in poor decision making. Most of us live in this state especially in the distracted world that we live in today. There is no clarity in any given situation and the Mind gets restless and anxious very easily.


This is a dull state of mind leading to Donkey like behavior, dull and lethargic. The person lacks the interest and energy to do even small things and eventually leads to depression.


This mind is mostly calm and peaceful when things are going well in life. But when there is any disturbance or difficult situation in life, it becomes distracted and goes back to the duality blaming external circumstances for the pain and suffering in life. This can be compared to a Butterfly. It will fly beautifully when things are fine, but when some string wind blows it falls down.


This is a One pointed, focused and well regulated mind where there is inner calmness and peace. It retains focus on any object and has clear awareness about any given situation in life. This leads to better decision making and least suffering in life.


This is a Mind where the patterns and movements in the mind are completely dissolved. There are no distractions and mind attains complete stillness. In a way there is no mind anymore. This is also called Samadhi state in Yogic wisdom. Mind is in a perfect state of equilibrium and not moved by ups and downs of external circumstances of life.

Present Day

Unfortunately today, humanity is stuck in the first two stages.

How does Sookshma help?

The power of Sookshma Meditation lies in the fact that it naturally takes any of the above stages of mind to the ultimate Niruddha state of Samadhi. No matter how distracted the mind is, it starts to slow down and become calmer. Eventually it comes focused and comes to stillness.

One can easily experience these states in Sookshma Meditation with ancient sage Sunita Amma. Many people say that they are not able to control their thoughts and emotions. Our Minds are like a roller coaster ride, leading to a lot of mental disturbances and illness. Inspite of such chaos, Sooskhma meditation with Sunita Amma effortlessly brings the mind to complete rest. As Amma says that true meditation is cleansing, purifying, silencing, transformation and shift. True meditation brings that shift from Kshiptha to Niruddha state effortlessly.

Unless the Mind is purified from its patterns and sub conscious clutters it is difficult to regulate the mind and bring it to calmness. The very essence of Sookshma is to clean and transform the mind with Pure Vibrations. It is a work of pure energy to energy. When Mind is in a chaotic energy, it needs an energy which is at a higher vibration, which is one pointed and deeply grounded in the Niruddha state.

Ancient sages like Sunita amma who are always in the state of Niruddha are able to easily help people transcend the first 3 stages and easily slip into Ekagrata and Niruddha.

Wouldn’t we all want to have such beautiful mind which is calm, peaceful, stable, serene and which can reach its highest potential to accomplish amazing things in life? Let’s work together to evolve. Your Mind is in Your Hands. You are Master of your Mind. With some help and assistance from ancient sages like Sunita Amma, we can all train and become the master minds of our life. We can carve a life filled with virtues of love, compassion, empathy, positive thoughts and wellbeing.