Sunita Bapooji
Sunita Bapooji

In the age of technology infested lifestyles, human touch and guidance is becoming obsolete.

Life creates its path of values, with direction from the Mother for survival, and later from teachers to acquire knowledge and the employers in building careers.

Human evolves into an individual with these support systems to dance to the music of life as Solo player. Unfortunately from here on, we fail to find someone in form of a Teacher who could constantly nudge and nurture the changes in careers, relationships and life style. This is the critical stage of life, where there is a need for a compassionate teacher who would embrace the falls and rises of life and provide unconditional love along with the self empowerment tools to climb the mountain of life.

Ancient sage Sunita has been providing this subtle, unconditional support and leadership for thousands of people at various stages in life in building the muscle of Mindfulness, Meditation and Emotional Intelligence.

She has been providing knowledge of the Self, caring for the mind and body, by blending the latest advancements in science along with ancient wisdom for enhancing families, individuals and societies in creating healthy and peaceful lives. Any person coming into her shadow receives the wisdom of light. Coming from a family of Ayurvedic Physicians in India, practicing the science of natural living by birth, she breathes peace in and out. Her own experiences and observations evolved into a practical, simple to adopt wellbeing program called ‘Sookshma’.  The word ‘Sookshma’ means Subtle or Micro. Sunita emphasizes that there is infinite potential in every single cell in the body and this program helps to take advantage of the inherent energy system and guide every individual to lead a life filled with health, happiness and harmony.

Her own creative endeavors as an outstanding soulful Classical musician and composer also helped her in identifying and excavating the creative potential present in each person. She believes that Peace and Creativity are Natural states of Life. Her Mission has been to impart this experience and knowledge in form of workshops in music, yoga and meditation since twenty five years in India, Africa, Europe and North America.


  • Brought up in Yogic tradition
  • Yoga, Meditation and classical music teacher
  • BA History, Political Science & Public Administration
  • Diploma in Music & Psychology (Honours)
  • Technical Teachers Training Certificate
  • First Aid & CPR (St. John Ambulance)
  • Professionals In Transition (PIT) Graduate
  • Writer (received Vamshi Arts Award for published story (genre: fiction “Last Victim”), Hyderabad , AP, India

She was trained in South Indian Classical music by famous Indian classical music stalwarts like D. Ragavachary (Hyderabad Brothers) and S.K.V.Chary, Susarla Shiva Ramashastri and Padmasree Award winner Srirangam Gopalratnam and C.H. Varalaxmi Sharma. She studied Psychology, Music, History and Administration from Osmania University in Hyderabad, India. Sunita has performed at various music festivals, including a performance for former Indian president (1977), Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy.

She is a master who lives an exemplary life of a bridge between the Ancient Wisdom  and Scientific Knowledge.