“Working with Sunita is opening up new space in my body, mind and heart. The chronic neck and shoulder pain from old injuries is clearing with practice of Sookshma yoga. Mentally, I respond more positively and creatively when problems and blocks arise, spending less time worrying and “increasing my misery”. Family and friends tend to appreciate this! A fresh and fearless focus is bringing effectiveness to my work as a teacher, musician, composer, and environmentalist. Thank you Sunita!”
– Judy Abrams (Co-Director of “Fins in the Forest” [environmental education project])

“I am an interdisciplinary researcher as well as an instructor at the University of British Columbia. I find that Sunita’s Yoga instruction clarifies the mind as well as strengthens the body. In fact, I have had some of my best research insights after practicing Sookshma in her class.”
-Brian Fisher, PhD (Associate Director, Media and Graphics Interdisciplinary Centre
Adjunct Professor, Computer Science & Commerce, UBC)

“Guru Sunita is rare gem. Her teaching is helping me to be a better and more healthy person. With Sunita, I practice yoga in a totally new way, focusing on the mind (attitude) and emotions as they are deeply situated in the body. I am very grateful for every lesson. ”
-Linda T. Kaastra (MMUS, Instructor, UCFV)

“The energy levels and vibrations were extremely high all week. I would like that feeling to continue forever.” – Tamana Natha (Reiki Master)

“I searched all over B.C. to find such a teacher to teach me the South Indian style of voice, not only voice technique, but also the devotional aspect that accompanies the technique. The gentle art of Sookshma Yoga supports the voice work and has assisted me in being grounded and balanced and more physically present as a performer and in my daily life. It is a pleasure to have you [her] as my teacher.”
-Sheena Anderson (Cirque du Soleil vocalist.)

“Sunita has taught me about purity, sincerity and unconditional love for others through her life and music in a way that no other school or music system ever could.”
-Meg Asakawa, Piano Instructor.

“I find that I sleep much better at night and my digestion has improved. I have also maintained my weight.”
-Loraine Al Janaby

“I started Sookshma yoga with Sunita upon the recommendation of my doctor. I needed a style of exercise that promoted all elements of movement. I am very pleased with the results of the classes. I feel more focused, relazed and better able to study. I hope to continue learning Sookshma yoga and maintain what I have experienced so far.
– Andrea McCallum B.P.E

“Since I have learned the breathing and stretching techniques I have been feeling less tired and stressed. My posture is improving again – after I had my children. I never had time or the right exercises to start getting my body into shape. I am also sleeping much better as I’m finding it easier to relax before bed since I practice a lot of the exercises before bed.
– Melissa M

“I am doing a lot better in my school studies. I have stopped biting my nails and I have become less shy. We are having final exams in class and I’m doing very well in studying for the test. In class, we are doing a project on a country of our choice in French. Normally I would leave it to the last minute, but I am just about finished the first part of it [early]. Thank you very much for helping me!
– Lorenda C (Grade 6 student, age 11(3/4))

“To Sunita, Thank you! The first day I had more energy. Before I was a bit tired because I was getting up early and going to bed late because of school. The second time I came more happy and smiling at everything. Everytime I came after I was more happy and less tired and also I wasn’t fighting with my sister as much. Happy, relaxed and sleepy, that’s how I feel when I’m at Sookshma yoga. I like yoga because it is so fun and relaxing! We learned a lot and it was a lot of fun. I like the sleeping part [meditation] the best. I can’t wait to go in it again. Thank you again.”
– Camille C (Grade 6 student, age 11(3/4))

“Dear Sunita, I love your classes so much. I can fall asleep so much easier than before. And it is a lot easier to do my work at school and at home. It is so much easier to just sit down and relax and when I get hyper I can calm myself easier. Sookshma yoga has been a very good experience and I have had lots of fun. It has given me lots of inner-confidence and helped me learn to love myself before anyone else. Thank you so much Sunita. Your help means so much to me.”
– Courtney L (Grade 6 student)

“Dear Sunita, thank you for your gift of Sookshma yoga. My chronic injuries are feeling less painful and I have been practicing your techniques at home. My shoulder joints and muscles feel looser and are not tightening up. Also I was teaching a yoga class at a meditation class and taught some of the sookshma techniques. The instructor said that the shoulder, neck and arm movements removed a chronic pain problem he had been experiencing. So I will remember and hold your teaching in my mind and heart.”
– Catherine Ambika Sheppard

“I am really glad I have joined yoga with Sunita. She is a very friendly instructor with great insight to what she teaches. Participating in this program has helped me focus and makes me feel I can breathe much easier.”
– Pardeep Sidhu

“Whomever it may concern, Sookshma exericises taught by Sunita are awesome. I feel more energized and have more focus in day to day activities. I strongly recommend for all ages.”
– Beenu Sahota

“Thank you very much for such a wonderful, fruitful and knowledgeable class. I enjoyed each and evry moment of it. I hope to continue to do this and look forward to next class.”
– Savita Sahota

“I have enjoyed my introduction classes to Sookshma yoga immensely. I have had used some of the moves and meditation at various times over the last few weeks and have often found them to help relive stress, assisted me with sleeping and with working, severe muscle cramps and my neck and shoulders. I look forward to continuing further classes and to the enthusiasm of our instructor Sunita.”
– Brenda B

“Dear Sunita, I have found your yoga class most enjoyable. I know how little I know about my body or I know more to listen to my body. The simple work we do has really helped me respect my body, not abuse it. I am more physically open. I like the playful loving atmosphere you create. I am glad you teach us to love ourselves. You helped me to let go of my ego and have fun in class. Hacing fun is a challenge some days. There is a great deal you have to offer. I feel good with you as my teacher. Thank you.”
– Cathy P

“Feeling one with the self is how I feel after each session. I also feel very relaxed and calm, especially around my four children. My sleeping has also become more enjoyable, I am not always waking feeling as though I need to go back to sleep. Sookshma yoga has been very beneficial to my body and mind. Thank you Sunita for helping me to start loving and taking care of myself again.”
– Tracy Jeffrey.

“Sunita, thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. I have been going through a lot of life changes – many very stressful. I always looked forward to Teusday evening when I was encouraged to smile at myself. The way I feel when I walk away from your class – is a feeling I strive to obtain all the time. You have shown me a great path to walk down. Keep Smiling.”
– Karen K

“Thank you for your richness and wisdom. You have shown is the true meaning of yoga! Om Shanti.”
– Evan

“Dear Sunita Aunty, Thank you so much! You don’t know how much better I have felt these last 7 weeks. Thanks to you, I sleep better, I feel more mentally and physically fit and more focused and determined. I am eternally grateful. I had great fun doing all of the exercises. Though they were hard at first, I got the hang of them and they turned out to be great fun. Once again, thank you so much!!!”
– Shiva (Grade 8 student)

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