5th International Day of Yoga

As the world awakens to the Summer Solstice, the day when this beautiful planet is bathed in the brightest and the highest amount of light, celebrating the 5th United Nations International Day of Yoga, let us tune into deepest, subtlest & purest wisdom of the ancient sages that had stood the test of time, giving us the experience of limitless, timeless, countless, infinite, indomitable, intangible Light we are. Yoga revealing the Light we are, a royal path into the subtlest of the subtle, Sookshma for Wellness, Fullness and Oneness. Ancient sages like Sunita Bapooji who are beyond the mundane, living the pure vibration of energy which is Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent.


5th UN International Yoga Day - Sookshmas of The Universe