Awakening Bond with Inner Being at Banyen Books – Master Sunita

We all have one common thread underlying all of us, that inner calm, silent, subtle intelligence which is the supreme force of our lives, The Inner Being.

That subtle being is what completes Human to become Human Being. In that Being is the power to create, innovate, inspire and vibrate our highest calling in this lifetime to create abundance in all aspects of life. That Inner Being is your most precious self.

What if you are able to tap into that Inner Being and Awaken the Inner Giant to become fearless and make your dreams come true?

What if you are able to have a direct experience of that Inner Being which is profoundly life transforming?

What if you are able to access that Inner Being on a day to day and moment to moment basis to heal, recharge and rejuvenate?

Join a rare ancient sage Sunita at Banyen Books and Sound in Vancouver on Oct 11th at 6:30pm to awaken your Inner Being.


master sunita


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