Mental Health conference – Playing with Anxiety

Mental Illness is “Preventable & Reversible”. The root cause of most of the mental illness that we see in the modern world is the outcome of bad lifestyles. We are abusing our senses that feed into the mind and making the Mind slave to the senses. But with proper training of senses, the same Mind can become the Master to steer our life to greater meaning and purpose. As a culture we need to adopt practices of ‘Mental Hygiene’ like cleansing purifying with proper meditation and mindfulness and building the muscle of empathy and compassion for all. Mental Illness is also reversible. Brain and Mind are organs of the same human biology. If we are able to reverse the physical ailments, we can easily reverse the mental ailments. Many studies in Neuroscience reveal that practices of True Meditation have shown significant changes in the brain structure, both in reversing the areas responsible for stress like Amygdala and the improvement in areas of brain like prefrontal cortex for Self regulation, Will power, Self awareness, Meaning and Purpose in life.