Sookshma Self Compassion Meditation for Stress Management- Terry Fox Library – June 10 at 2PM

Stress is the root cause of 99% of lifestyle diseases that we see in the Silicon age today. Stress does not have to be something big that is perceptible in form of Physical illness. The destruction can begin with the Subconscious stress that we go through in form of negative destructive thoughts and emotional entanglement about the Self and the World. This Subconscious stress in no time becomes a silent killer like a slow poison. Please join us on June 10th at 2PM in Terry Fox Library for 45 min lecture on Science of Stress, Neuroscience of Meditation, Wisdom of Sookshma and a 45 min practice of Sookshma to experience ancient healing pure vibrations of Master Sunita. Educate, Experience, Enlighten for Wellness, Fullness and Oneness.


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