Special Holiday Offer – Ignite your Infinite Potential – Jan 19, 2019

Seasons greetings all!

Suman here, Hope your holiday is in full swing now.

Yes, it is that time of the year with festivities of Christmas and New Year around the corner. While you are busy purchasing gifts for friends and family, please do not forget that ‘You are the greatest of all the gifts and You deserve to care for the self and empower the inner authentic pure self’. That is the subtle message of ancient sage Sunita. No matter what, come back to your sweet home within, the pure inner self which is an embodiment of wellness, fullness and oneness.

We at Peace Tree Innovations Society would also like to share a special gift with you so that you can take that one step forward in igniting the infinite potential within this coming year 2019. We are offering you a special 50% discounted offer of 25$ for registering to the first workshop of the year 2019 on Jan 19, 2019 in Burnaby. We would love to see you all with us in the new year so that you can tap into your highest potential to make your resolutions and goals come true.

Sookshma is the subtlest of subtle infinite pure energy within. Imagine if you are able to tune into this peak potential on a moment to moment basis. You will be able to cross all the barriers; Rather, you will not see any barriers, but opportunities to excel and refine yourself to show the best of the best in you to the world while creating the finest innovation in whatever you put your intention to.

Please take a quick moment and tune into this video recorded at a Sookshma workshop done 10 years back at the Surrey Arts center. One of the participants in the session says: “I feel like I can conquer the world just after one session with Sunita, Imagine what you can do after 2 or 3 sessions with her.”

So it does not matter whether you have done one session or two sessions with Sunita, each time you are going to experience something different and grow beyond the imaginable.

To claim this offer, please click on the below link and enter the code ‘holidays50’ during registration with a full price ticket to get the 50% discount on your registration.

Please feel free to share this gift with friends and family members.

And please remember take time for your self; please do not abuse your self, your precious resources, your Mind and Body, during this Holiday season, so that you save the best for the 2019. Remember, You are the most precious Gift.

Breathe and Smile