2012 Info-session: Sookshma Meditation by Sunita Bapooji

Master Sunita Bapooji is offering Sookshma program for small groups in the Greater Vancouver Area.

If you are new to Sookshma Program, this is a golden opportunity to spend 30 minutes with Sunita and experience the Sookshma program yourself before signing up for upcoming Group sessions.

Location: Guildford Library(Meeting room) – 10470 152 ST  Surrey BC

Date: Feb 05 2012

Time: 2PM

Duration: 30 min

Admission: Free (Please pre-register for our convenience by sending an email to Sunita@sunita.ca or calling 778-882-7656)

Sookshma program is tailored for modern hectic life style & all age groups built around 4 pillars of life – “Career, Relationships, Health & Wealth

It encompasses:

  • Simple exercises for the body derived from ancient yogic practices
  • Training the breath
  • Balanced nutrition for the body
  • Meditation for cleansing the Mind
  • Pure vibrations of Sunita for elevating the spirit

It helps:

  • Overcome day to day stress
  • Improve your child’s performance at school or Sports/Arts
  • Advance your dream career to create wealth and provide leadership
  • Solve lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Anxiety, Depression, Addictions, Crohns, Colitis, IBS and more
  • Heal psycho-somatic and physical trauma from the past
  • Enhance relationships
  • All ages experience natural anti-aging

 For more information on Sunita and Sookshma, visit us at:

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