Wellness from Within: Ensure Healthy Lives & Promote Well-being for All

‘Wellness from Within’ a Sustainable Health revolution pioneered by Peace Tree Innovations Society with guidance from ancient sage Sunita (http://www.sookshma.ca/) is one of a kind Self Empowerment model with 3 guiding principles of Educate, Experience and Empower working at the grassroots level for transformation of individuals, families and organizations.

We have presented this to the dignitaries of the world at the global health leader, World Health Organization in Geneva. We are healing Organisms and Organizations at the same time in alignment with United Nations SDG 3 – Ensure Healthy Lives & Promote Well-being for All. Tune into this article published by the Impakter (https://impakter.com/) Global magazine who are raising collective moral awareness through the lens of millennials and global leaders.


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