Yoga and Therapeutic Integrative Medicine at UBC Center for Brain

Center for Brain at University of British Columbia is state of the Art center with some of the leading pioneers working towards Brain wellness and Mental/Emotional wellbeing. It was an absolute honor to participate and interact with Chancellor Dr.HR Nagendra of SVYASA University in India, presenting ‘Yoga and Therapeutic Integrative Medicine’ with research on Yoga and Meditation from over 4 decades; Dr.Manjunath, Director of Research SVYASA and Dr.Arun Garg, Clinical Professor, Faculty of Medicine; UBC and other leading Neuroscientists including Dr.Silke Cresswell. Ancient wisdom and modern science can complement each other in finding sustainable solutions to the Mental Wellbeing in a highly distractive and self-destructive world. At Peace Tree Innovations Society we have been on the ground for over 13 years now helping grassroots transformation with Educate, Experience and Empower mission across the globe using self love, self compassion and tools of meditation, caring for the mental/emotional wellbeing.