Dialogue on Integrative Medicine at Simon Fraser University

Participated in the Dialogue on Integrative Medicine at the Simon Fraser University, presented by Dr.Arun Garg, President of CINI, Bridging India and Canada for Healthy Civil Society, along with some of the luminaries in the Yoga research, Chancellor of Viveknanda Yoga University, Dr.Nagendra; Director of Research, Dr.Manjunath; Dean of SFU Health Sciences, Tania Bubela; Laurie Anderson, Executive Director at SFU, Marc Pelletier, CEO of Institute for Health System and many other stalwarts and practitioners of Yoga. Integrative Medicine is the need of the Hour, bridging wisdom of ancient yogic science and modern medicine. Its the only way forward to reduce health care cost, prevent Non Communicable Diseases and build Sustainable Health care rather than Sick Care system we currently have. Peace Tree Innovations Society we are deeply committed to Wellness and Oneness of humanity healing individuals, families and organizations on a mission of Educate, Experience and Empower all.