Pieces of Mind Mental Health Conference: Playing with Anxiety

Will be presenting at ‘Pieces of Mind Mental Health Conference: Playing with Anxiety’ at the Kwantaleen Polytechnic University. Looking forward to be part of the Panel discussion and provide deep insights into the Anatomy of Anxiety and provide practical solutions bridging ancient wisdom and modern medicine. Mental Illness is the Silent Killer of Modern times. Preventive strategies include simple understanding of mind/emotions and practical ways to cleanse the mind just the way we take care of physical hygiene. Mental hygiene needs to become part of our cultural paradigm. Peace Tree Innovations Society empowers all dimensions of society, Schools, Corporates, Universities, Hospitals, Prisons and Families. Pieces of Mind to Peace of Mind, Anxiety to Awareness, Worry to Witness only possible when we realize that our Core Self is different from the thoughts and entangling emotions.