Meditation for Stress Management at McGill Public Library – Burnaby – March 3 2016 – 7PM to 8:30PM

Meditation for Stress Management Workshop at McGill Public Library – Burnaby

Meditation is a self-empowerment tool that helps you take the brain to the gym and cleanse it from stress and other mental/emotional toxins that accumulate in our fast paced lifestyles.

In these sessions, Master Sunita will present simple tools of Self Compassion Healing Meditation (SOOKSHMA) to exercise your brain and relax and rejuvenate for peak performance in all aspects of life.

Dr.Suman Kollipara, her student, will also share with you the Science of Stress and the Neuroscience and health benefits of Meditation.

The session is Free, but you need to register with the Library here at or by calling

604-299-8955, or in person at the McGill library.

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