Mindfulness programs help in reduction of bullying incidents in Schools & improvement in GPAs

Janice Houlihan, cofounder of the nonprofit Inner Explorer (IE) says “Mindfulness practices help the bully, victim, and any witnesses involved develop a deeper awareness of themselves, resilience, compassion, and a greater ability to regulate their emotional responses.”

Early results of a randomized controlled trial of kindergarten through fifth-grade classrooms that implemented Inner Explorer’s mindfulness programs showed an estimated 50 percent reduction in reactive behaviour and bullying incidents during the 2012–2013 school year. Quarterly grade point averages (GPAs) improved by 7–15 percent. Currently, there are 111 preschool and elementary classrooms in 12 schools in California, Illinois, Ohio, Massachusetts, and New York taking part in the program.

Learn more about Inner Explorer: http://www.innerexplorer.org/

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