Difference between Resonant and Dissonant Leadership at Workplace

Brain Imaging study conducted at Case Western University shows that Leaders who approach their employees with Empathy leave a positive mark on the functioning of the brain and their emotions.

The Paper published in “The Leadership Quarterly” – “Examination of the neural substrates activated in memories of experiences with resonant and dissonant leaders” explores the study in further detail.

Here is the high level abstract:

Employees recalling experiences with resonant leaders activated neural areas such as the bilateral insula, right inferior parietal lobe, and left superior temporal gyrus; regions associated with the mirror neuron system, default mode or social network, and positive affect. Recalling experiences with dissonant leaders negatively activated the right anterior cingulate cortex and activated the right inferior frontal gyrus, bilateral posterior region of the inferior frontal gyrus, and bilateral inferior frontal gyrus/insula; regions associated with the mirror neuron system and related to avoidance, narrowed attention, decreased compassion, and negative emotions.

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