Substance Abuse to Soul Awareness

After a 1 year Prison project at Surrey Correction Centre in reforming Inmates, Master Sunita is now closely working with John Volken Academy ( to empowering the Youth in overcoming all types of Substance Abuse and Addictions.
As always Master’s Pure Empathy comes across very clearly with her unconditional love & great sense of humour, uplifting the souls of one and all with her positive vibrations touching the hearts of youngsters who are keen to transform and bring their lives back into mainstream. Transformative expreince of Sookshma Pure Energy of Master Sunita.

Sooskhma Program is a Self empowerment program that provides self improvement tools like subtle and simple exercises, Breathing techniques and Meditation for aiding in the purification of mind and body to overcome the vices and addictions and lead a life filled with abundant bliss, health and wealth.

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