99% of the human beings are born with Vices. The goal of human life is to transcend the vices that we are born with and eventually become an embodiment of virtues.

Vices create havoc in life. They can’t be seen, but they are there waiting to release the poison when the time is ripe. They are tricky, stealthy and intangible. But the results and consequences from the vices are very tangible and have multiple effects on us, not just in one generation but for many generations, in some cases causing a total destruction of families, societies and races together.

In this episode of Pearls of Purity, Master Sunita discusses at a high level, the impact of these 6 vices on our lives and how to convert them to Virtues for leading a life filled with peace, bliss and overall wellbeing. For detailed understanding of these vices and solutions for overcoming these, please tune into the individual episodes in our Peace Tree Channel.

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