Health is Wealth- Episode 3 – ‘Dialogue on Diabetes’ continues….

We continue our discussion on Diabetes from the previous episode of our on-going health series ‘Health is Wealth’.

In this segment, we chat with Sunita Bapooji to understand many other interesting aspects of this dreadful disease.

Sunita Bapooji also takes us through a journey of Yoga asanas that are very good in preventing and curing Diabetes. Also we feature a recipe made from Bitter guard which is found to be one of the best vegetables in prevention and cure of Diabetes.

Meena Kollipara takes us on a culinary trip into the land of spices from Indian kitchen to show us medicinal value of these Subtle and Simple ingredients that form the foundation of healing in day to day cooking from Indian Sub continent. We continue to look forward for your feedback and suggestions as we try our best to view the Health with both eyes, Ancient and Modern perspectives.

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