A tribute to an Ancient Master – Sunita

On this auspicious day of ‘Guru Poornima’ it is an honor for me to share a few thoughts about this ‘Living Saint- Sunita’ who has touched hearts of millions. Guru Poornima is celebrated all around the world on this Full Moon day as a tribute to the Masters who walked on Earth to impart knowledge and experience of the ‘Infinite’ by uplifting human spirit from suffering. For such Masters who liberate us from the bounds of Mind and Body, this is a humble salutation. …

As I reflect on my Journey with Master Sunita for the past few years, I have so much to share about the divine experiences.
Out of those divine experiences came a few words on Sunita Bapooji, who is a Liberated saint.
A Liberated sage is emancipated while living. Such person has cut off all bonds.
She is in a state of mindlessness and absolutely free. She has identified herself with the Absolute Pure Consciousness.
She has no identification with the body and free from egoism, lust, anger, greed, selfishness, pride, likes, dislikes, exhilaration or
depression. She is balanced in pleasure and pain, censures and praises, honor and dishonor, respect and disrespect.

She is also Knower of Highest Truth. She can clear all the doubts like a Divine mother with compassion & patience.
One feels extreme elevation and inspiration in her presence. She radiates joy and peace everywhere.
We all feel that energy in presence of Sunita. Such is the presence of a Liberated Sage like Sunita. She heals the suffering in the world with her presence .

A liberated sage may be absorbed in Silence or May work like an ordinary person of the world.
Sunita chooses both. She chose this world to live among us and give us the healing divine energy to transform within.

Internally she has the mental attitude “I am a witness”, “I am non-doer”, “I am non-enjoyer” because she has no egoism or individuality.
Aren’t we lucky to have a Living Saint among us?

Isn’t it a blessing to have such a Master who is giving the highest knowledge and experience offered by some of the most ancient sages?
Isn’t it the greatest school of learning where Sunita teaches by giving pure unconditional love and joy by clearing the impurities of mind and body without any force in silence?

Peace to All
Dr.Suman Kollipara

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