Michael Jackson – A Pop Saint?

I have heard about Michael Jackson all my life especially myself coming from India where the film culture is based on Dance & Music.
The Success of a new entrant into the Indian filmdom is measured by the moves and shakes they could swing to the beat. …

Also coming from state of Andhra Pradesh where the Icons of Telugu cinema have always been known for heir best dance, the latest of them who enthralled the audience of Andhra, Mega Star Chiranjeevi is known to have always drawn inspiration from the one and only, MJ.
Inspite of watching many Indian film stars copying the steps and style of Michael Jackson, it never occurred to me that I should be delving into the Master of Dance, Michael.
Years went by, and a week before Michael’s death I happened to run into a bunch of his videos on Youtube and some of them actually choreographed/dubbed to south Indian film music.
I thoroughly enjoyed the videos with its Indian Music and Michael’s moves. This is the first time I have ever seen Michael dance, I have heard about it before.

Soon after the death, the first impression of Michael Jackson was that of a ‘Hip-Hop Druggie’ who ruined his life through self-destructive attitude.
Yaa, sure another crash in the fake stardom attained by real stars.
Deep in my heart I do know that he is the best, but from very little that I know about his personal life, my mental image of MJ as another self-imaged, West-bred, Materialistic Junkie did not want to change.
But as I read through some of the articles, interviews and see more details about his childhood, it started to open a completely different perspective about the King of Hip Hop.

Michael was born with unique gifts, the talent that shone the world. Only a few have that ability to draw the crowds across cultures, transcending continents.
This Man was blessed with some unique ‘Divine’ energy. I use the word Divine as a reference to ‘Omnipresent, Pure Intelligence’ that is regulating this universe. There are a few who walk into this world with that Intelligence intact, to change the course of mankind. MJ was one of those.
His Pure Innocence, child like nature, smiles, connecting with children instantly with no traces of Ego or Pride is a reflection of Saintly nature.
Connecting the energy across the globe into a string of dance is a simple indication that this Man was born for a purpose.

But where did things go wrong. Where did the fine line between Saint and Sinner disappear?
Yes, A few descend onto Earth with ‘Pure Energy’ to influence humanity in a positive way and they have the ability to pulsate the heart beats of the world with theirs. That is a unique gift and talent.
But at the same time the world itself is corrupt filled with confusing therapies and discoveries that are taking people off track instead of allowing them to understand the secrets of mind and body and inherent healing ability they have.
These consumer markets filled with hypocritical ideas and fake products are only taking us towards a pure material outlook towards life with a simple purpose of ‘Instant Sense Gratification’.
This is the root cause of every single problem that we see in the world. Everything from child birth, child education, career growth, relationships, to pain relief, It is instant.
People do not have time to find the root cause of the problems nor do the scientific innovators and researchers want us to know “how and why” of our body and mind.
Every pharmaceutical innovation is either a stimulant or a blockage of a receptor in the body and mind. So in this rat race, we including people like Michael Jackson do not have time or knowledge to understand the nature of mind and body, the result of which is to look for quick and fast therapies filled with drug prescriptions and pain killers.
Insomnia costs 42 Billion dollars an year in America.
Insomnia is caused because by the inability of mind to rest. But no one has time to understand simple aspects of our existence, because we are stuck in the web of complex externalization.
Michael Jackson probably would have survived if he had been given proper education of the medical problems he faced with.
If he was guided by a few good people (if any existed around him) that there were alternatives to the drug dependencies he had, then we would have seen him dance in London on July 8th.

Also apart from the Medical conditions that affected Michael, let’s take a moment to understand Michael Jackson’s personality. MJ is Pure Innocence.
MJ is a child at heart. His smile and innocence are immediate measures of the hidden divinity in him, if channeled in the right direction.

If Michael Jackson had guidance at an early age to allow his Purity, Innocence and innate divinity (pure awareness) from pure masters/teachers, then his life would have rocked the world for another half a century and later. The fall of empires and empire like personalities is because of lack of that guidance which inturn creates foundations that are not strong to sustain the Pure Energy with which they were sent with.
The Energy meant to influence the humanity in a positive way some how gets diluted with the delusion of material world and need for instant relief from pain and pressure in the ride of dollar dreams.
This is a classic example of Pure Innocence not finding the right channel and outlet.
Especially until a decade or two, the western society did not understand the concepts of Inner Peace, Bliss, Compassion and Unconditional Love.
Social models were built on ‘Instant Profit’, so there is no scope for self reflection and time to realize the purpose of existence.
Off late the Western societies have changed a lot with Yoga, Meditation, Tai chi, Tae Kwan do and many more Eastern tools of Ancient Wisdom infiltrating into the system.
Infact Pop stars like Madonna and many more have made ancient wisdom like Yoga, part of their life to cleanse and purify their mind and body so that the influence of external chaos is reduced

There are many more Michael Jacksons out there who are extremely talented with that kind of potential buried by the vagaries of Mind and the sensations of body.
Only when these impurities are removed by education, knowledge and able guidance of a Pure Master, the Infinite Potential that is in each of us can be exploited to the best for creating abundance in every aspect of our life.
Our goal at Peace Tree now becomes more imminent that the world needs the education of Mind-Body interaction and alternative therapies and guidance that is available for everyone in handling day to day stress as well as complex diseases and problems.

For now the King has fallen and many lessons to be learnt for the future rising stars.

Peace to All
Dr.Suman Kollipara

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