Campaign for Crohn’s & GI Disorders – Event

Wow! It was a roller coaster ride worth doing. Everything came together so perfect that People called this event “Impeccable”, “Immaculate”. All the credit goes to selfless effort put by many. Speaks of Divinity and Purity in all. 60 people and Full House. An event that represents Peace Tree’s mission in complete, Educate, Entertain and Enlighten. …

Knowledge, Experience and Stories. What else does life need to empower. Knowledge to Educate, Experience to Enlighten and Stories to Entertain. Isn’t Childhood all about Stories and then we forget all that in spur of the hormones flowing in the blood. But Masters like Sunita Bapooji walk into this world to take us back to that innocence, purity and bliss all traits of a child. Who said that Adults can’t be children?

The Event was a mix of information from myself, and others who have experienced all dimensions of Sookshma Meditation and Yoga. As people walked into the hall, a short film was played showing the last year’s Mother’s Day celebration that we had in Vancouver Downtown. Followed by it, a welcome note to cheer up. I am not a big fan of long messages. Simple and Sweet. Get to the point and get them involved. Make it Interactive. Infact there should never be a concept of speeches. It should be a discussion with a Q & A type format always. Later a film that was made as a dedication to the Healing Journey of a Young Woman, Deepa Soni was shown to the audience. ‘Light of Hope for Crohn’s’ is a documentary feature on Deepa Soni’s struggle with Crohn’s for 2 decades and how she healed from it in a miraculous way through Sunita Bapooji’s Sookshma Meditation. The 15 min film captivated the audience to the Souls of Deep and Sunita.

Ambiance in an event is not created by the decoration or the colors of the room, it is made by the faces of people with souls. Unless they feel part of the Non-Living structure, it is pretty much suffocation and death. And that is what I learnt from Sunita. She brings audience to life, she creates an ambience where there is none. She makes the walls echo with energy when she walks or talks. Sunita Bapooji, Energy in Motion. Campaign for Crohn’s and GI disorders was the theme of the event. Including me, many succumbed to the Butterflies in tummy, to Elephants, Tigers, Lions running in tummy. It was a moment of solace for many whose life was hampered because of a Bad Gut. Sharing the stories is a great way to communicate. And that is what we did, shared it all. And then came Sunita with her glorious presence walking in Green to represent Peace Tree on this day. A saint who walks breathes in and out bliss. People were mesmerized for 2 hrs with the Sookshma Exercises and Meditation. Heard a few snoring, probably did not sleep for ages and Exhausted Minds. This one hour of meditation would have energized them to sustain for a few more years.

Sunita emphasized that we cannot catch the Wind & Mind. To catch the Mind and Control the mind is Mission Impossible. But we can tame it with Meditation and with guidance from good Master who is Pure. She educated everyone the basics of existence that Love should start from the Self, Unless we smile for ourselves we cannot smile for others. She also mentioned that Sookshma Principles are very simple, Purity through which one experience Bliss. Purity of thought is the foundation of peaceful and healthy Life. She asked everyone not to depend on these techniques and exercises, but to first focus on cleaning the Mind by clearing the impurities like Anger, Jealousy, Greed, Ego, Attachment and Excess Desire. Her humming voice during the meditation was a lullaby to people lying down, the divine voice loaded with healing vibrations. She declared that ‘To Still the Mind and stop the wandering nature’ is the ultimate goal of any Yoga and Meditation.

As people came out of the meditation their faces glowing like a Thousand Watt Bulb. Sunita’s energy transmitted through the whole space around her and everyone with a smile experiencing the ‘Real Awakening’.

Later Lunch was provided to everyone during the break time after the meditation. It was Organic Vegetarian lunch that was home cooked by one of the students (Deepa and Praveen Soni, Father and Daughter Duo) of Sunita with all the love and devotion. Short grain brown ice cooked with lentils and veggies, Boiled Black eyed peas sauté with ginger, cumin and onions, Fresh salad, and Cut Fruit. All delicately done & packed by Deepa and Praveen. Kudos to their dedication.

Then there was the Souvenir release of Peace Tree. Wow! What a moment, we have now sculpted our name in Ink to remain in the annals of history.

As Sunita Bapooji unveiled the magazine to the humanity, Our chief guests for the event Dr.Baljinder Salh, Gastroenterologist, Vancouver General Hospital received the first copy of our first souvenir. Historic moment of Peace Tree. Later Dr.Salh and Sunita had an opportunity to address the audience. Dr.Salh was generous enough to cover many aspects of Gastro Intestinal disorders from Butterflies in tummy to Crohn’s, Colitis, Colon Cancer and many. He clearly identified that there is a strong connection between Mind and Body, especially the GastoIntestinal tract, a simple example being how we would feel uncomfortable in tummy when in a stressful situation. So this clearly indicated that Mind and Body are tightly integrated and exactly falls into the paradigm of Sunita Bapooji’s Sookshma philosophy and path where the focus is on Purity of Mind which is the real essence of Yoga and Meditation as written by the Father of Yoga, Sage Patanjali in the first ever text written about Yoga and Meditation.

Later I had an interactive discussion around a Presentation “Sookshmology 101”. This allowed audience to ask questions and understand more deeply what, how and why of Sookshma meditation and Yoga.

This lead into the honoring of the guests and volunteers by 2 little Sookshma Yogis, Urvi and Dhruv who have been associated with Sunita almost from the time of their birth. They did the honoring of the Sunita and Dr.Salh. Later Sunita and Dr.Sahl did the honors of Abhishek Valaboju and Alex for their dedication and hard work for the efforts in making this event a Mega Success. Lucky draw Prizes were given out to the participants to celebrate the abundance in all aspects of life.

Also an announcement of Sookshma classes offered by Peace Tree was made, to give an opportunity for everyone to educate, entertain and enlighten.

Every one got their copy of our first Souvenir & a gift from City of Burnaby,(one of our sponsors) as they walked out that afternoon with heart, mind and tummy full.

Peace to all.

Dr.Suman Kollipara

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