Roller Coaster ride of IBS – K. K. Das

As the flight landed in Vancouver on April 14th, I brought with me a stomach full of pain and turmoil. As I walked out of the airport with a dawning age of 65, feeling weak and vulnerable with a stomach that put my life on a rollercoaster ride for 40 years, my son comforted me that it will all be fine. This gave me a glimmer of hope that Sookshma Meditation and Sunita Bapooji may show me some relief with Irritable Bowl Syndrome that was diagnosed 20 years back. I went to doctors and they confirmed that it is IBS as they saw traces of ulcers in Endoscopy. I took medicines for 2 months, it cured me for sometime, but it was not permanent. After a gap, this problem again recurred.

I always coped with my weak Gastro Intestinal system, with frequent outbursts of pain, acidity, gas and frequent diarrhea.

“I started to understand that this is more than regular yoga and meditation.”

In first 2 sessions of Sookshma meditation, Sunita taught me some subtle physical and breathing exercises and she personally trained and guided me with my inner observation and meditation. It is not just simply lying or sitting, but also concentrating on the each and every aspect of my body and finally vacating the mind without any thoughts for about 30-45 min. I have been meditating for the past 20 years, but Sunita’s Sookshma is different. I realized Meditation is not about closing the eyes and sitting, but at the end one needs to feel rejuvenated and energized like I felt here with Sunita

After 4 sessions I again got severe pain in stomach 2 times and she told me that this is the elimination phase where the toxins that are accumulated in the system are being purged naturally. I started to understand that this is more than regular yoga and meditation. So after 2 weeks, I found the stomach pain has totally disappeared. I feel the strength in my stomach. Sunita also suggested some dietary changes. Instead of polished white rice I started to use only the short grain brown rice with more vegetables and with not too much oil and fried food. Now I am comfortable eating brown rice and not finding any difficulty. There is no fluctuation in my digestive system any more.

Also because of the exercises and meditation, the other body pains and all the knee joint pains are gone. Previously after midnight the sleep used to get disturbed many times because of stomach pain in spite of taking Restyl sleeping pills, since many years. I stopped taking these pills and I am getting very peaceful deep sleep at least 5-6 hrs without any disturbance. Even I used to have leg pain when I used to go for long walks. But here when I go for walks, that pain is not there any more. Mind is very calm, cool and quite. There are no worries at all. I feel more jubilant, very comfortable and joyful.

“I have been meditating for the past 20 years, but Sunita’s Sookshma is
different. “

Sunita is very open, deeply connects, understands the problem and patiently listens. She never insists that one should strictly follow the exercises. She gives clear explanation exercises and the benefits in a very subtle way. She is very humble and doesn’t show authority that other teachers usually have. She made me feel that I am part of the family with her compassion. She has all qualities of a great Master. I am leaving this beautiful city and a master like Sunita with more vigour and rigour in life. I yearn to come back soon.

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